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About Age of War Game

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You have to try the Age of War game if you love tower defense challenges! Besides being a thrilling battle simulator, it allows you to learn more about history while having a blast. Do you know the five historical ages that humankind has been through so far? What about all the types of soldiers and weapons used back then? Now you have a fun and easy method to learn more!

The game consists of five rounds, each of them representing an era in humanity's history. Every level has simple objectives: defend your base while trying to take over your enemy's post. If you manage to beat all your foes, you can go on to the next stage, with more soldiers, new weapons, and, of course, a new opponent. Isn't that exciting?

How to play the game

You'd better get started, as there isn't much time before the first wave arrives! Use your mouse to check out the menu icons at the top of the screen. They allow you to spawn units, build or sell turrets, and create more turret spaces. Put together an army that fits your strategy with a few clicks of the mouse! 

Can you deal with the enemy soldiers? You'll need to prepare for all the troops that come your way. In essence, there are three types of units: chivalry, footmen, and rangers. Send them out in the right order for success! Besides, you should also pay attention to the cost of each unit. Each dead enemy grants you coins that you can reinvest in new soldiers. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Don't worry, as there's a trick you can use to get ahead! You can cast a mighty spell from time to time to help you clear out many enemies at a time. Do you notice the spell icon in the upper right corner of the screen? Use this powerful ability sparingly! It takes a little while to refresh. 

The key to this game is gaining experience points. You receive them every time you kill an enemy unit, as well as any time one of your soldiers is defeated. Keep up with the battle to gain the necessary points and move on to the next level! You'll encounter new units, turrets, and even a different spell.

How far can you go in this historical war? There's only one way to find out!

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