Atari Breakout

Smash all the blocks in each level with the classic Atari Breakout game! Prevent the ball from falling while moving the paddle left or right!

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About Atari Breakout Game

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Atari Breakout game was initially designed in 1972 by Steve Wozniak, with a bit of help from Steve Jobs. Later, the game has been published by Atari Inc. and gathered dozens of fans across all over the world.

The most remarkable thing about the game is how it managed to remain one of the most-played browser games over the years despite its simplicity. 

Keep the ball into the game!

The gameplay is quite straightforward. Your mission is to smash all the bricks in each level with the ball. Use your mouse to move the paddle left or right to reflect the ball, so you can prevent it from falling on the bottom of the screen. You can also move the paddle with the left and right arrow keys if you find it more convenient.

You need to learn how to anticipate the ball's trajectory so you can move the paddle accordingly. Also, depending on which part of the paddle the ball is hitting, you can influence the ball direction. This is quite useful when you want to target specific sets of bricks.

In each new level, the bricks will be arranged differently, making it more challenging to smash all of them. Try to put a strategy in place for each scenario.

What else you should know

Each time you fail from returning the ball back into the game, you will lose a life. When all your life-points are gone, the game is over. 

At the bottom of the game screen, you can keep track of the remaining blocks you need to smash in that particular level, as well as how many life-points you still have left.

Have fun!