Auradon Hidden Mystery Map

Somebody has hidden all sorts of different items around in the Auradon Hidden Mystery Map game! Can you find all the things written down on the list?

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About Auradon Hidden Mystery Map Game

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If your eyes are as sharp as a hawk's, then you are welcome to give this game a shot. Only those with excellent observation skills can successfully finish this challenge in the Auradon Hidden Mystery Map game so let us see what you have got!

The main idea is to find all the missing objects in the room. There is a list of the items that you have to search for. Look carefully around the room and when you have spotted the thing you were searching for, click on it. A piece of cake! The only downside is that you might have some tough times finding the items in such messy rooms, but that won't be a problem for you, right?  

How to play the game

At first, you will have to search for some of Ben's belongings. He needs to get to school on time, but he is not prepared for it at all. Do not waste any time and get yourself to work.

After helping him, you will have to give s hand to Evie to brighten up her room. Look for whatever she wrote down on her list and get to the next stage. Mal will be waiting for your help too. She wants to cause some trouble around, and she needs a few items to accomplish her plan.

The last place where you will be required is on the Isle of Lost. Carlos and Jay are expecting you to find all the stolen artifacts from the museum. Keep a sharp eye out for everything. If you need help, press the question mark button to get a hint but do not abuse it!

Good luck in finding all the lost items, and have a great time!