Capri-Sun Competition

Prepare the tastiest breakfast of all time in the Capri-Sun Competition game! Fill up the glasses with squash to turn the water into delicious juice!

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Are you ready to prepare a tasty meal in the Capri-Sun Competition game? Everyone loves having a cup of orange juice with their breakfast! However, some things just don't go together, and it's time to test the theory out. If you've always wanted to play with your food, it's time to give this challenge a try!

Your task in this fun mission is to turn every drop of water into delicious juice! To do this, you have to take control of the flying Capri-Sun bottle and release squash into each glass. Just watch out for the cereal and sandwiches because they won't be so tasty when covered in orange juice! Will you be able to complete the challenge?

How to play the game

The controls are very straightforward because all you need is your keyboard! Press the Spacebar and drop down some delicious squash. You have to time your moves right and catch the juice into your glass, or you might accidentally ruin your cereal or sandwiches! That sounds easy so far, doesn't it?

Your aim is to turn every glass of water into delicious multifruit juice. Each time you drop the squash into a cup, you will earn some points. To do this, you will need a steady hand and quick reaction skills! Get a move on, and before you know it, you will be able to enjoy a delightful glass of juice with your meal! 

In the beginning, you will have three lives. However, each time the multifruit juice touches the food, you will lose a chance. Watch out for the dishes and pay attention to the screen, or you might have to retry the mission from the start!

How many points can you score before your chances are all used up? Don't worry if you can't last too long at the beginning, because you can replay the game as many times as you need! In no time, your skills will improve, and each glass will be filled with tasty squash!

Are you ready to give the challenge a try? Then grab some Capri-Sun and turn your breakfast into a fun mission!