Dino Donkey Dash

Join the Wattersons in a scary rescue mission in the Dino Donkey Dash game. Help the brothers take back in safety Anais' toy from Tina the dinosaur!

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In the Dino Donkey Dash game, the Wattersons went on a rescue mission after Anais' beloved toy. Tina, the dinosaur, saw the little plush donkey on the street and took it to her cave residence to cuddle. Now Gumball and Darwin have no choice but to bring it back to Anais, who cries all day long over Daisy!

Still, this mission is quite dangerous because if Tina wakes up and sees the thieves, she will get furious and try to eat them. Help the brothers take back Anais' toy and return to the town in one piece!

Your job is to help them sneak in Tina's cave while she is sleeping and avoid waking her up! If you succeed getting the toys in the Watterson's hands, prepare for a dash through the rocky dinosaur's home. Tina will immediately wake up and go after the well-disposed nappers.

Are you ready for a thrilling rescue mission with the Wattersons? Let's get it started!

How to Play

First things first, Gumball and Darwin have to sneak in Tina's place of rest. To control their movement, press the corresponding Up or Down arrow keys when they slide in the white-edged circle. Make sure not to tap them sooner than that or tap the wrong key because Tina will sense the noise and wake up.  

Once you are close enough to the terrifying being, you should start to try and lessen the embrace. Use the Right and Left arrow keys to set the trajectory of the twig. Next, poke the targeted area by tapping on the Up arrow key to free Daisy.

Beware of touching no farther than the appropriate area. Otherwise, you will wake Tina! Did you manage to get the toy? You have one last mission to complete!

Soon after, Daisy's absence will wake up the dinosaur, so dash out of the cave immediately! Press the Up arrow key to jump and avoid Tina's bite and to throw Daisy to safety. Use the Right or Left arrow keys to catch back the toy. If it falls on the ground, you lose a life out of the three you get. What's more, is that junk may come in your way. Use the same control to dodge it, as for jumping to avoid Tina.    

Did you get the hang of the adventure? Finish the three mini-games successfully to complete the deadly mission and get back to the town safe and sound.  You can even choose the two-player mode and invite a friend to join and have some fun together!