Bungee Bear

Help the bear collect apples in the Bungee Bear game! Fill his backpack with bunnies and bungee jump to reach the fruit at the bottom of the waterfall!

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About Bungee Bear Game

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The adorable bear wants to jump and collect all the apples at the bottom of the waterfall in the Bungee Bear game! Since he is a small fluffy creature, the bear needs the help of his bunny friends to add weight to his jump and grab the delicious fruits. Can you give him a hand?

Your role is to help the adorable bear fill his backpack with bunnies and bungee jump off the bridge to gather apples! Each jump requires perfect timing, so use all your skills to help the bear fulfill his goal!

How to play the game

To move back and forth along the bridge, use your cursor. Once you've spotted a bunny, you can collect it by jumping. However, you can only catch the bunny from the bottom, or you'll bump into it, and it will harm the little bear.

Your backpack can only hold five bunnies. When it's filled, you can press the Spacebar and bungee off the bridge toward the bottom of the waterfall to collect the apple. You can look at the dotted line underneath the health bar to track how many bunnies you've gathered.

There are bonus items that you can collect while gathering the bunnies. For example, the flashing cross will replenish some of your energy/health bar, while the blue-winged ball will shield you from damage for a few seconds. The apple you collect during your jump is also an extra item that can increase your score.

What else you should know

You can check the fruit at the bottom of the waterfall by clicking on the lower area of your screen. However, the game is still running, so make sure no bunnies are around to bump into you.

Every time a bunny hits you, you'll lose all the ones you've collected in your backpack. In other words, you'll have to collect five of them again to bungee off the bridge.

Are you ready to fill the little bears' backpack with delicious apples? Show off your courage and make the best jump!