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Go on an adorable adventure with the Flip Duck game! Can you use your intelligence to reverse gravity at the right moment and collect all the eggs?

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About Flip Duck Game

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Get ready for a cute journey with the Flip Duck game! Despite its bright colors and whimsical design, the puzzles in this game will force you to think. Consider each move carefully and help the ducky protagonist collect all the eggs! It's up to you to bring him to the end of his journey.  This adorable brain teaser will surely bring a smile to your face!

There are 20 levels, each one a little more challenging than the previous. Our cute duck will encounter unexpected obstacles, enemies, and tools along the way. Can you adapt your strategy and overcome all of them? Your mission is to keep the duck alive and gather all the eggs you can see. 

How to play the game

Let's start collecting eggs! To move our yellow hero, you need to click on the desired location. Have you noticed the flip sign in the corner of the screen? It's a vital tool in this game! Click it at any time to reverse gravity and move your duck to seemingly unreachable locations! 

Overcome all the obstacles! Unlock all the gates that you come across by finding a key. Keep in mind that you will need one for every entrance you want to get past, so organize your actions carefully! And then there are robots! If you touch them just once, our protagonist will die, and you'll need to start over. Try picking up a remote to deactivate them!

Do you know how to use the elements on the map to your advantage? The green portals will transport you from one part of the level to the other in an instant. However, if there are multiple portals on the map, you'll have to discover which one will take you where! You can use them to pick up keys and open up locked gates.

Throughout your exciting journey, you'll come across many combinations of obstacles, enemies, and tools. It's up to you to figure out a strategy! For extra points, you can even try to pick up the bonus. Can you find the golden egg?

Finish all the stages with a perfect score and prove that you are a pro when it comes to puzzling adventures! The more you practice, the better you will become!