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Try the Gangsta Bean game to shoot up all the foods turned evil by the Surgeon Peppers. Will you be the last bean standing and stop this delicious mess?

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About Gangsta Bean Game

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The Evil Surgeon Peppers started to turn all the good foods into evil ones in the Gangsta Bean game. Luckily, a hero that does not play by the rules is here to shoot all the rogue aliments down! Do you think you can lend him a hand and end Pepper's plans?

Your job is to jump on the battlefield and take down every hostile food. However, those are also armed to the teeth and will surely keep you busy! Are you the right person to join Gangsta Bean in his battle and help him get out in one piece?

How to Play

You will need a whole arsenal, but first, you should learn how to use it! Here is a list of all the controls you need:

 - Arrow keys: Move around.

 - Spacebar: Shoot.

 - G: Throw grenade.

 - 1: Primary Gun.

 - 2: Equip Glock.

 - 3: Use Knife.

 - 4: Pull out the Mac10.

 - 5: Use the Shotgun.

 - 6: Equip the Ak47.

 - Z,X,C,V: Call for backup!

You will not have all your arsenal from the beginning, so you need to search for the guns before you can use them!

Your job is to take down as many evil foods as possible without letting Gangsta Bean take too much damage! Some of the aliments will be armed only with their fists. Some will be small and easy to destroy, but others will give you a fight! Also, you will have to face the boss after you reach a checkpoint!

Gangsta Bean's health meter will decrease if the enemies land many shots. Also, if his bar is empty, he will lose a health point! He only has three, and if he loses all of them, it's the end of the road! However, you can regenerate some health if you find the health kits around the block or if you protect yourself with the bulletproof vest!

There is more you should know!

You can also find some handy tools all around you or get them from your enemies. For example, you can grab Jordans to jump higher, ammo, and grenades. If you don't manage your ammo carefully, you will only have your knife by your side! And that's the last thing you want while facing a wave of armed foods!

Also, while you advance, you will grab a bit of money on your way. Even if it comes from your foes or you find it around, you can use it to make Gangsta Bean look even better. For example, you can give him a new haircut and some accessories! Make him look the coolest of all foods!

Are you ready to jump into the battle and smash all the food gone rogue? Let's meet with Gangsta Bean and get your arsenal checked to start this adventure!