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Thieves are roaming around the house in the Haunting 101 game! The Haunted Hathaways are an unusual family, and they are not to be messed with! This time Frankie wants to put your scary skills to the test and has lured some thieves to the house. Do you have what it takes to scare them away?

Begin your adventure with Frankie and Louie now! Follow the villains around, watch their every step, then act when they least expect it! Possess the objects around you with your ghost skills and prove just how scary you can be! Will you be able to protect the house?

How to play the game

To begin the spookfest, all you need is to pay attention to the basics. You have one minute to do anything in your powers and scare the thief! Use your mouse to possess the furniture around you, spook your enemy and watch his fear meter fill up! Doesn't that sound fun?

Do your best and pay attention to Frankie's tips! If you use her recommended objects, you will earn a bigger scare bonus! Wait for the thief to come closer, hold your item, then let go when the pointer is in the blue area! If you follow the instructions, you will surely see the scary meter fill up! 

Be careful with your surroundings because you can't possess the same item twice in a row! Each object has a cooldown, and you will have to switch it up for maximum spookiness! Your enemy won't fall for the same trick twice, so you should make sure to always lure him away!

If you need some help, don't worry! Just keep your eyes open for any items that might pop up. If you see an hourglass, click on it, and you will gain some extra time. If you tap on a mask, you can earn a huge scare bonus! Just do your best and enjoy the spookfest!

Are you prepared to show off your skills? Frankie and Louie are ready to put you to the test! Join The Haunted Hathaways and drive away all the thieves in this scary mission!

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