Heist in a Half Shell

Test out your cunning and stealth with TMNT: Heist in a Half Shell game! Can you help Mikey, Raph, Don, and Mikey sneak past enemies and reach their pizza?

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Play the Heist in a Half Shell game to lend your friends from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle team a much-needed helping hand! As you surely know by now, these super-powered teens love to eat pizza. Can you believe that they order it almost every day?

However, today, they will not receive their cheesy and delicious treat. Why? The Robot Chef has stolen all the ingredients from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' favorite pizza joint.

Now you have no solution but to sneak into the restaurant and get the precious ingredients yourself! Do you think you can be discrete and intelligent? These two qualities are essential for the success of your mission. Time to put yours to the test!

Help the turtles solve a dangerous crisis!

Deep inside the sewers, everybody's favorite team of super-powered turtles is merely starving. Only you can help them fill up their bellies! Your job is quite important: get inside the kitchen and sneak past all enemies in search of your favorite pizza ingredients.

This game will continuously challenge you! As you advance, the recipes will get more complicated, and your enemies will get harder to beat!

At the beginning of each level, you will receive a recipe with two types of items: required and optional ingredients. Combine all of them to prepare a delicious pizza and gain extra points!

However, you should always beware of the enemies roaming everywhere! Their field of view is clearly displayed. Don't step into it unless you want to restart the level!

Choose your hero

The very first step is choosing the protagonist of your story. Keep in mind that each of your friends from the team has a particular superpower!

Don can hack advanced terminals, as well as decode regular ones faster. Raph can break crates and bash doors, while Mike has the amazing to become invisible when he sits still.

Are you still thinking? Then you should go for Leo, whose amazing smoke bombs can make him disappear instantly! No matter who you choose, you will surely have fun!

How stealthy and agile are you?

Time to learn how to play! Can you handle your mouse with dexterity? This will be the key to your success in this game. Click and hold the left mouse button in front of your hero to move further. Keep in mind that the further away you click, the faster your character will sneak!

In your path, you will encounter obstacles you need to surpass to accomplish your goal. What do you need to do? Click and hold to unlock doors, hack computers, and pick up ingredients. Sounds easy as pie, right?

There are also dangerous traps lurking all over the scene! Besides the guards, you must pay attention to the wall and floor laser systems. They will trigger the panic alarm if you walk over or through them.

Here's a little secret! Floor lasers never malfunction, but wall lasers do. This comes in handy when you are sneaking around. 

Do you think you are fast and stealthy enough to lend this team a helping hand? Finding things in this hazardous and messy kitchen can prove to be a tough challenge! You will need to strategically use the unique abilities of each team member to win. What is more, the suspense will keep your blood boiling!