House of Anubis: The Mysterious Map

Join KT, Fabian, and Eddie in The Mysterious Map game to help them rebuild an ancient bracelet. Sneak past Victor's minions to grab all the missing pieces!

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About House of Anubis: The Mysterious Map Game

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Fabian, KT, and Eddie are up for a new adventure in The Mysterious Map game! The trio is on a quest to find the parts of an ancient bracelet. However, Victor, their caretaker, has all his minions guarding the components, and the group needs your help to get past them. Will you trick all the minions and rebuild the bracelet?

Your job is to find ways to go past every minion and grab each part of the bracelet until you make it whole. However, it only takes one wrong move to compromise your position. So, try to be careful at any step. Let's meet everyone and start sneaking.

How to Play

For this task, you can only go alongside one character. Fabian, KT, and Eddie have the same sneaking abilities, so there is no wrong answer. Now, it's time to learn the controls! You will only need your mouse! Hit your Left Click to guide your character, or keep it pressed and move your mouse around.

There are seven stages to complete, and you will win one bracelet part for each! However, they will become more difficult as you advance. So, try to use the map to see your position and the bracelet part. Also, you can acquire loads of bonus points on your way. They are worth at least a hundred points, so if your path is clear, it would be a shame not to grab them.

Victor's minions are sensitive to sounds, so if you bump into any surface, they will hear and come for you. However, you can use this to your advantage! When you want to clear a path, you can bump into the environment and sneak past them as they try to look for you. But, if you get caught, you will have to restart, and your health meter will go down. Once it empties, you will lose all your progress!

Are you ready to join KT, Fabian, and Eddie and grab all the bracelet's parts? Let's get started and see if you can get past Victor's minions.