Secrets of Hunter Street

Help the five siblings explore their bizarre house in the Secrets of Hunter Street game! Interact with odd objects and uncover the mysterious hidden room!

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About Secrets of Hunter Street Game

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Max, Tess, Anika, Sal, and Daniel are ready to solve exciting mysteries in the Secrets of Hunter Street game! Ever since the five foster kids lost their parents in bizarre circumstances, they started exploring and trying to learn more about their large new house. Besides old and strange items, the Hunter family might discover a big mystery within their mansion: a hidden room. Will you give them a hand?

Your role in this game is to help the five siblings explore their bizarre house, interact with odd objects and discover the pathway to the secret room! You cannot miss this fun adventure if you enjoy cozy mysteries and interactive games! Let your curiosity take over!

How to play the game

To start exploring the mysterious house, use your mouse! First, you must choose which room to enter. Then, you'll be able to interact with the objects by clicking on them. If you want to move the five siblings around the room, click and drag them in any direction. Each room is filled with fun and spooky items, so don't hesitate to touch them and find their quirky function.

If you're curious about the five siblings and want to know more about the Hunter family, click on the brown suitcase. Once it opens, you'll find a bunch of items inside, each representing one of the kids. It is up to you to discover which object belongs to who and what it says about them. For instance, you'll easily spot Daniel's passion for working out as soon as you hand him the weights.

As you keep exploring, you will also uncover a few small secrets. However, the hidden room is the most exciting one, for sure. Yet, you can only access it by discovering its entrance in one of the other parts of the house. Although the game doesn't offer hints, you won't have to look around for long, especially if you like browsing books within old bookcases.

So what do you think? Are you ready to show off your sharp observation skills and uncover old secrets? Don't let any mystery go unsolved!