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About Kiko Adventure Game

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    960 x 540
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Hop from platform to platform in the Kiko Adventure game! If you enjoy vintage platform games, then you can't miss out on this adorable adventure. With its colorful pixel-art style, this challenge will remind you of beloved classics. Have you ever played the Super Mario series? If you have enjoyed it, then you'll love going on an adventure with Kiko!

The game consists of 15 exciting levels, which take place in a whimsical universe. Your aim is simple: jump from one platform to the other, trying to collect as many fruits and bottles as you can. Try your best to avoid falling in the water or getting attacked by slimes! It'll be so much fun!

How to play the game

As is the case with most games from this genre, the controls are very straightforward. To move your character, press the Left and Right arrow keys. Jump by using the Up arrow! It's so simple! However, you'll soon find that you need to be very agile and have good timing to finish Kiko's Adventure!

Now that you know how to make your way around the universe, you should focus on scoring as many points as you can. Look for fruit! Whether you see a plum, an orange, or grapes, try your best to reach them! Each piece of fruit you collect will grant you 100 points, bringing you closer to the high score list. 

Don't overlook the bottles! There are three of them in each stage of the game. After all, you have to put all the fruit juice somewhere! Remember that you need to pick out all the colorful bottles from one level! It's the only way to move on to the next.

There's more you should know!

Make sure you keep Kiko safe! Our loveable protagonist will need to face many perils throughout his journey in the whimsical forest. Be precise and time your movements carefully! Otherwise, he'll fall into the water below, and you'll need to restart the level. Yikes!

Watch out for other obstacles or enemies as well! Colorful slimes are some of the most dangerous ones. To stop them, coordinate your movements carefully and hop on top of them. If you aren't precise enough, you'll get hurt and lose one of your precious three hearts. Besides, there are also spikes and dangerous traps. Be careful!

Now that you know everything about Kiko, it's time to enjoy the journey and have some fun! The more you play and rehearse, the better you will become. Spend hours glued to the computer, navigating this whimsical pixel universe!

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