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Don't miss out on Rinmaru's Mega Fantasy Avatar Creator game to let your imagination run wild! There is nothing better than thinking about fantastical creatures and then bringing them to life. Now you can do this virtually with the help of an innovative and well-designed character creator challenge. Whether you like noble elves, mischievous demons, or even aquatic creatures, you'll be able to in this challenge. Give it a try!

The best part about this game is that you have many different options for each part of the face. Besides, you'll also be able to customize the hair, the outfit, the hands, and the background. Try not to be overwhelmed by the many options and figure out how you want your fantasy hero to be! 

How to play the game

The good news is that you don't need any artistic skills to create a fascinating anime character inspired by the world of fantasy! All you need to do is use your mouse to select one of the six categories. Each one of them has multiple customizable elements. Browse through them by pressing the buttons on the lower right side of the screen. Everything appears on your character automatically!

Start by customizing the face! By far, this is the most complex section in the game. You can customize the nose, eyes, and mouth of the character. What is more, you can pick out a color and shape for the makeup, mustache, beard, and ears. Don't forget to add some tattoos and face markings if you want!

Let's move on to the hair! You'll find that it's easy to create unique and complex 'dos. Can you believe you can pick a top, a bottom, then add on ponytails, buns, and extras? Besides, each item has one of two customizable shades. How cool!

What else you should know

A fitting fantasy outfit will help define your character's persona. You can pick a top, chest armor, a cape, as well as shoulder pads. Naturally, you can choose from a palette of over 50 colors to use with your design. Whether you are thinking of a mage, a mighty knight, or a hunter, you can bring your creation to life!

Accessories will tell people all about the destiny of your fantastical being. Choose some fitting jewelry, a headpiece, or a helmet, depending on their background and occupation. Don't forget about a weapon! The hands are also adjustable, so take this into account while using an object for your character to hold.

To bring your character to life, choose a setting with the right atmosphere. There are 48 options, as well as solid-colored backgrounds in almost every hue. From abstract patterns to a forest, beach, or house, there's something for every story here.

Just figure out what kind of fantasy creature you want to create!

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