Miraculous Kwami Creator

Try the Miraculous Kwami Creator game to create new styles for your Kwami! Can you try out all the combinations and put together the most original spirit?

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About Miraculous Kwami Creator Game

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Put your imagination to the test and create your Kwami spirit in the Miraculous Kwami Creator game! These magical beings are the ones that give superheroes like the Miraculous Ladybug powers, and you will be able to make one entirely from scratch. Aren't you excited? Try your best, and they may even give you superpowers!

Your role is to go through all the design options you have at your disposal. You can swap body features, colors, and even hair as you please until you have the best combination. Also, your Kwami deserves a special place, so search for the best match!

How to Play

Firstly you should learn how to go through all the options! Use the Left Click to choose one of the categories you want to change and go through everything until you find the perfect match. The same goes for picking up the colors of the body or features!

You can change everything about your Kwami. For example, you can try and give him some long and colorful antennas to have a look out of this world. Or see how the cat, dog, or other types of ears fit for a more adorable style.

The ears are only one aspect you can change! There are many more like Kwami's markers, eyes, wings, and other facial features like horns or antennas. Also, you can accessorize it by choosing a necklace or fur to make them look amazing!

There is more you should know!

At the same time, you can choose two types of colors for some of the categories! Maybe you would like a green necklace with a yellow bell or blue dragon wings with red details. Whatever your imagination may come up with, you can make it come to life!

Lastly, make sure to choose a fitting backdrop for your Kwami! Depending on what style you came up with, a beautiful decor may be the last thing you need to complete it. You will have many options, but if none fit your style, you can choose to have a blank or transparent background. It's up to you!

Now you know everything to start letting your imagination loose. Are you ready to create your own Kwami? Let's see what marvelous combinations you can put together!