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About Neon Bricks Game

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    Any Browser
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    Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
  • Game Resolution
    960 x 650
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Throw the ball and watch the colorful blocks crumble in the Neon Bricks game! If you love the classic brick-breaking challenge, you will enjoy this simple but very addictive game. You will surely blow-off your stress and relax as you go through each stage! 

Your task in this mission is to destroy all the neon blocks. To do so, you will have to shoot your ball at them and try to catch it when it falls. You have three lives to remove all of the bricks, so do your best and don't waste your chances. Will you be able to complete all the levels?

How to play the game

Your task is quite simple, but you still need to understand the basics. Use your mouse to move the paddle to the left or right and catch the ball. Make sure not to let it drop to the bottom of the screen, and aim for a high score!

Have fun and challenge 200 levels full of new puzzles! Each stage will rearrange the blocks differently, making it increasingly difficult for you. Remember to pay attention to the screen and try to improve your hand-eye coordination as you play! You will surely complete the mission if you do your best.

If you need some extra help, you can try to collect the power-ups that fall down. They will increase the paddle's size, and you won't have trouble catching the ball anymore! Some of the boosts can also help you break any bricks in your way for a limited time. It is best to grab every power-up if you want to complete all 200 levels of this challenge.

What do you say? Are you ready to put your skills to the test and complete the puzzle? Destroy all the bricks and see how far you can progress!

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