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About Peck's Coyote Clobber Game

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Protect the barnyard against the attackers in the Peck's Coyote Clobber game! Scary coyotes have gathered around the farm, and Peck must protect his friends. However, he needs some help getting rid of all the wild animals. Will you join powers and assist him in the battle against the pack?

Let's begin the adventure! Your goal is to defend the chickens by going against the band of coyotes. Just pick up some ammunition, aim toward your enemy, and hit! Do you have what it takes to win the fight and keep your buddies safe?

How to play the game

Before getting the action started, you should understand the basics! Luckily the only tool you need for this challenge is your mouse. Click to pick up an item, move your cursor to aim at a coyote, then tap again to fire! You can also navigate the area by touching the arrows at the top of the screen to move from side to side.

There's no time to lose because you must help Peck defend the barnyard! To win the battle, you must throw objects at the scary coyotes until you take them all down.

Just be careful because the heavier the ammunition is, the harder it will be to throw! Are you ready to showcase your impressive aim and get rid of all the enemies?

What else you should know

In the beginning, you'll go against the weaker coyotes of the group. If you manage to beat them all, you'll get to face the final boss: the leader of the pack. However, he's stronger than regular attackers, so you must hit him multiple times before winning the battle. Don't let him grab you because you only have 5 lives before it's game over!

Remember to look at the arrows at the top of the screen because they will tell you where the attackers are! If the arrow is red, it means coyotes are nearby, so you must get over there and fight them. However, if the object is green, the area is clear. The enemies will continue to get closer and closer to you, so keep your eyes on them and try not to get hit!

Are you prepared to defend the barnyard and keep the animals safe? If so, join Peck and assist him in the battle against the pack of coyotes!