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Play the City Showdown game to become immersed in the cool and exciting atmosphere of Manhattan together with your favorite super-powered reptiles! Aren't you excited to become part of the most awesome gang of adolescents in New York City, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Their mission is simple: defend Manhattan from villains and eat a ton of pizza.

The key to the success of this superhero team is the fact that they know NY like the back of their hand. What is more, they use their powers smartly, collaborating to defeat even the most dangerous foes. Can you help Raph, Mikey, Donnie, and Leo in their adventures? 

Learn how to play!

The game consists of many exciting battles scattered throughout the urban jungle of New York City. Moving the team from one rooftop to another and through the narrow streets couldn't be easier! Use your mouse to click on the desired location.

Are you in the mood for battle? No problem! Look out for a target sign around you! The gameplay of each confrontation is turn-based. I'm sure you'll get used to it in no time! 

The first step is to select the desired target. I suggest you go for the most dangerous enemy first, to annihilate him as soon as possible. Next, click on one of the members of the Turtles team. Each one of them has a specific weapon and a particular attack that can obliterate foes! 

Each attack you perform uses up one of the valuable action points displayed at the top of the screen. Once your points are up, it's the enemy's turn to make a move. You can prepare for any incoming attack by keeping a close eye on the enemy's target. Click on the targeted turtle to help him dodge the attack and escape unharmed. Easy as pie, right?

Tips and tricks!

As you keep playing and exploring New York City, you will uncover many exciting secrets. Click on the map on the bottom left of the screen to move from Lower Manhattan to Midtown or Upper Manhattan. You will come across many types of enemies with bizarre names, such as Oregano, Pepperoni, or Cherry. 

What is more, there is a boss that you can encounter in each part of the city. Level up your turtles with multiple battles to prepare for this grueling confrontation! You can even restore their health by consuming the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle's favorite food: pizza. Isn't that awesome?

Are you looking for even more fun? Perform attacks in rapid succession to create combos and maximize your attack power. This way, you will fill up the Ninja Power Bar. Can you guess what happens when it's full? You can press the button to unleash an extremely powerful assault that will harm all your enemies at once! What is more, you will receive extra action points for the respective turn. How cool!

Become the best crime fighter in Manhattan! As you explore this wild and charming city with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles team, you will gain cool items, such as stickers, for your collection. Check them out by clicking on the appropriate icon in the main menu!

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