Wheels of Wrath

Go cart racing in Wheels of Wrath Game with Clarence and all the other kids in the area! Crash into as many opponents as you can and win money prizes!

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While it is hot and sunny outside, there are lots of things that you can do together with your friends, from classic games like hiding and seek, to inventing new ones, such as Wheels of Wrath game. The advantage of coming up with something entirely new is that everybody will be pleasantly surprised, and you can use your creativity to make everyone happy. You know that usually there is at least one kid that turns up his nose when presented to anything, but now you can make them happy too.

This is what Clarence did along with all the kids in the neighboorhood in this game. They organized some great derbies with go-carts in different places, and they even gathered enough money to give some prizes to the winners. Join them by playing this awesome game!

How to Play

Its idea is quite simple: build your cart and drive around the place to hit other contestants. It already sounds like lots of fun. Start by pressing the famous play button and then choose your favorite character to play with. It can be anyone you want; they are all the same when it comes to driving carts, so do not try to seek some advantages there.

After picking the driver, head straight to the tournament. Here you have the possibility to choose from more than one place where you can compete. Unfortunately, they are locked, and you have to win some before getting into those harder ones. So, whether you like it or not, start with the first derby and see what you can manage to win.

When you have chosen the race you want to take part in, see what is there in the garage for you. Everybody in this business starts from the same place, namely with the Zippy cart. It is the most basic you can get regarding this kind of race, but it is better than nothing, right? After winning prizes and bonuses during the game, you will be able to buy yourself a more sophisticated go-cart or to repair your old ones. It gets so real that you can even sell them when you got tired of having them around and gathering dust.

Useful Tips and Tricks

When choosing the pieces, there will be a graph that tells you how strong or fast it is or how easy it can be handled. That will help you lots in deciding what is more relevant to you and in analyzing your way of driving.

The cart is made out of three main pieces, namely the cockpit, the body, and the wheels. As you advance through the game, you will face opponents that are well prepared, and you will need to upgrade your cart too to make yourself able to defeat them.

Now start that derby and drive your fancy ride using the arrows. Try to catch some speed before crashing into somebody, this way you can be sure that you will be the one that creates the damage and not the other guy. If you are not fast enough, your cart will be the one to suffer. 

Compete against the best opponents and get yourself the best ride there is! Good luck!