Wings over Avalor

Help Elena raise the baby Jaquins in the Wings over Avalor game. Feed them, teach them how to fly and turn them into real flying guardians of Avalor!

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Hello there, young warrior. And welcome to the place where the Jaquins are raised and trained to become the guardians of the amazing Avalor. We invite you to rule the kingdom alongside princess Elena in Wings over Avalor game. All you need to do is to help her find and raise the baby Jaquins. The cute eggs are spread all over the kingdom. Just be brave enough to help them grow. 

Magic is everywhere in the kingdom of Avalor. And so are the magical creatures. But the most important of them are the cute little Jaquins. Looking like some colorful flying tigers, they are the actual protectors of this realm. And they need someone like you to take care of them while they train and grow up. We know you can offer them all of the love and the support in the world. So join us into this beautiful journey. 

Taking care of a baby Jaquin

The baby Jaquins are so pretentious, and they adore to be loved and protected. So let us tell you what you have to do in order for your baby Jaquin to grow up properly. First of all, get the first Jaquin egg and help the Jaquin get out. All you need to do is to tap on the egg and make it hatch. Once the baby Jaquin is born, you are good to go. Take it to a beautiful garden and begin your days as a Jaquin educator.

All the needs of a baby Jaquin can be satisfied if you simply pay attention to it. Go to the Jaquins’ nest to feed your Jaquin from the food basket, Also, make sure you help him play a little by providing him with the most amazing toys. They also require a lot of attention, so do not forget to pet your Jaquin. 

Collect some new eggs on your training journeys and go hatch them for some more potential guardians. Do the same things with each and every one of them, from playing to feeding and petting. Take care of all of them. Do not let any Jaquins feel unwanted. This is the only way to help them become the best. 

Teach the Jaquins new skills

To become a guardian of Avalor, a good Jaquin has to learn so many skills. Some of them are flying and climbing. You know very well how different and diverse nature is in the realm. So they need to overcome any difficulty they encounter. Also, they need to learn how to collect things that might be helpful for them. So go and teach them everything you know. 

First of all, learn how to fly. By using your mouse, click and drag your Jaquin from left to right in order to help him move. Collect the stars and the berries for extra strength and the wings to increase the speed. To win the flying game, you will have to tag the moth Fairy. But beware of her evil spells. Because these will hurt your Jaquin. 

When you climb, jump above the blocks and reach the top of the pile. Collect the berries and the stars for extra energy. If your Jaquin runs out of power, he will fall, and you will have to restart his training. But that is everything you need to know about a baby Jaquin. So what do you say? Are you ready to begin the adventure of your life?