Zombies 3: Galactic Jams

Play the Zombies 3: Galactic Jams game to discover the best Seabrook town's local hits! Can you keep up with your favorite tunes by hitting every note?

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About Zombies 3: Galactic Jams Game

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Do you enjoy music, and you're a fan of werewolves, zombies, and aliens? If so, the Zombies 3: Galactic Jams game is right up your alley! Join the gangs of Seabrook town and help them play some of their famous songs. You might even recognize some of them!

Your job is to keep the music playing by hitting every note! However, you will need good reflexes if you aim for a flawless performance. Are you ready to get the music playing and see if you can go through every Zombies 3 song?

How to play the game

The controls are not as hard as you think! You only need to use your mouse to hit every target. Also, always aim for the center if you want a perfect score. This way, you will build a combo and gather loads of points. However, if you miss or get a rating less than perfect, you will lose your streak, so be careful!

Here is the full list of songs you will have to clear:

 - Someday(Reprise)

 - Come On Out

 - Alien Invasion

 - Ain't No Doubt About It

 - What is this Feeling

 - Exceptional Zed

 - I'm Finally Me

 - Nothing But Love

 - Utopia

Each has three stages of difficulty, and you need to clear out each one if you want to complete the song!

If you clear out all difficulties or want a proper challenge, you can try the pro mode. Here you will have to hit every target with no mistakes! If you miss one, you lose, so you might want to practice a bit before attempting it. Also, if you do a good job completing the songs, you might unlock some achievements!

Are you ready to start this musical journey and see if you can complete every challenge? All the werewolves, zombies, aliens, and humans of Seabrook town are waiting to see your performance, so let's get started!