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Fun Snow Games to play during Winter Holidays!

Snow Games for Winter Holidays

Ah, the winter holidays are finally here. It is the most delightful time of the year, don’t you agree? With everyone gathering around the Christmas Tree, and all the children singing the most beautiful Christmas carols. And of course, the delicious foods that your mother has prepared for the entire family. But what would the …

Club Penguin Rewritten Mascot Tracker

Club Penguin Mascots

Despite the sobbing closure of the official servers in March 2017, round-the-clock igloo parties continue to make noise in Club Penguin Rewritten. You guessed it, the Disney franchise that amounted 200 million registered user accounts can’t just fade away overnight. Club Penguin has always strived to offer a varied and safe gaming environment for children. …

Clarence and the Effects of Childhood Obesity

Clarence and the Effects of Childhood Obesity

Childhood is a vital stage for every person. Everything that occurs during this period of time might have a strong impact on a person’s development. This is why a child has to grow in perfect harmony with himself and with the society surrounding him, away from significant trauma or excessive bullying that might affect a …

Total Drama Couples and the Teenage Relationships

Total Drama Couples

The Total Drama is an interesting animation show that has found favor in terms of viewership. It involves an adventurous retreat that has 22 teenagers on board. The test here is to see how well they can cope with hardships and compete in challenges. In the end, a grand prize of a hundred thousand dollars …

Meet Doc McStuffins Stuffy

Doc McStuffins Stuffy

Doc McStuffins team is well prepared and ready to fight against any disease. They are all ready to cure whatever daily life throws at toys and stuffed animals from the Doc’s Kingdom and even beyond! If you played a few games on our website and regularly checked our blog, you are already acquainted with Doc’s …

Meet Doc McStuffins Lambie

Doc McStuffins Lambie

Have you already opened your personal clinic for curing toys and stuffed animals? No? Well, it’s never late to do so, following the example of Dottie McStuffins. Although it may take you some hours of your leisure time to open and maintain a clinic like Doc’s, you will never regret. Think that you will not …

The Family Bonds

Family Bonds

The relationships you establish with your family are the most lasting and important of all. You get to know love and growth in the midst of family. Disney animation movies are spreading the vital importance of the family bonds. Motion pictures, alike Frozen and Lilo & Stitch are an eloquent example of Disney movies that are …

The Toy Kingdom

The Toy Kingdom

Doc McStuffins clinic is the toy kingdom. Not a regular kingdom though, but a kingdom where each and every toy or stuffed animal comes to life. Thanks to her magical stethoscope, Dottie is able to make any toy come to life. Imagine you having such a stethoscope. Will you breathe life into your toy cars, …