Meet Cedric the Sorcerer

Cedric the Sorcerer

A king can not command his kingdom without a powerful sorcerer by his side. The sorcerer that King Roland chose to have at his Palace is a more or less known figure – Cedric the Sorcerer. You may have heard of him, or of his loud, colorful fireworks, which from time to time, ignite the peaceful, nights of Enchancia. Read on to find out more exciting things about the famous sorcerer!

Cedric, in his appearance, may be considered to be a fool among other sorcerers. Well, not entirely among other sorcerers, but rather among the members of his family. Upon visiting Mystic Meadows, a retirement home for sorcerers, Poor Mr. Cedric is confronted by his father – Goodwin – who believes his son is not prepared to use the family wand yet. With Sofia’s help, however, Cedric manages to prove Goodwin he is a worthy sorcerer and deserves to be given the family scepter. With such a wand, Cedric believes, he can cast even better fireworks. Oh, and also conquer Enchancia, if it comes to that.

Yes, yes, yes, we all know Cedric tend to be slightly maleficent. But we can not deny the fact that in the 2nd season of the TV series, he becomes more human and friendly to Sofia. He hasn’t given up on his dream to conquer Enchancia and become its cruel leader – yes, that’s also true – but his help to Sofia and her friends is indisputable. Overall, a wizard at the castle may really come in handy, especially when you want to change your birthday, like did James and Amber.

As Sofia’s story progresses, Cedric the Sorcerer is about to receive a gift from Sofia on the coldest day of winter, Wassailia. That will happen in one of December’s episodes of Sofia the First TV Series, so stay tuned. Until then, why don’t you check these amazing games we brought you from all over the Internet?

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Play the games featuring Cedric the Sorcerer

On our website, you can find games featuring both Cedric and other major Disney characters, like James and Amber. If you prefer a somewhat magical adventure, hop in Mr. Cedric’s world. You will surely find a game you will like. From among a multitude, try A spell for Mr. Cedric game. In this particular game, Cedric will need you to help him find the ingredients for his favorite trick – magical fireworks! You and Sofia will have to venture inside the castle’s most dark corners in order to find the elements that Mr. Cedric needs.

Next, as a part of the royal life, why don’t you play some cards with Mr. Cedric in Sofia’s Card Catch game? He is a good player, but be careful, he can use a little magic to trick you! If you want something even more entertaining, play Keys to the Castle game! In this game, however, you will meet a different side of Cedric – the wicked side! He will restlessly stalk Princess Sofia through the corridors of the Palace, while she and Clover look for the keys that will open the door of the ballroom. Cedric will try and catch you, but you are quick enough to escape his gaze, aren’t you?

Have a good time, and let the magic enter your life!

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