Meet Doc McStuffins Lambie

Doc McStuffins Lambie

Have you already opened your personal clinic for curing toys and stuffed animals? No? Well, it’s never late to do so, following the example of Dottie McStuffins. Although it may take you some hours of your leisure time to open and maintain a clinic like Doc’s, you will never regret. Think that you will not have enough time to play with your favorite toys? Oh, you will. They might very well help you around the clinic, and you might become even better friends after a hard day at work. At least that kind of boost received Doc’s relationships with her friends.

One of Dottie’s best friends is Doc McStuffins Lambie. Whether you are a fan of the TV series or not, you surely have heard of Lambie. At least you’ve heard about her love for hugs. Well, indeed, Lambie, the stuffed lamb that comes to life whenever Doc uses her magic stethoscope, loves hugging other toys and animals. And other inhabitants of Doc McStuffins Kingdom love to hug her in return. How can one not fall in love with her pink, little legs and her adorable smile?

Apart from her sweetness, shown throughout the series, Lambie is a character that is able to show empathy and careness. You can pay attention to her reactions when Doc gives her patients a check-up. She is also very touchy. It won’t take you long time to break Lambie’s heart, so be careful. You can see how sensible little Lambie may become in the episode My huggy Valentine. When Dottie receives a heart-shaped toy whom she named Val, Lambie becomes jealous of her. It results in Lambie’s crying, which made Dottie realized that she mistreated her. Go back to the episode, if you missed it, and see how the famous Doc reconciliates with her pink cuddler.

Lambie, apart from helping Doc around the clinic, has a life goal. What do you think it is? To become a lamb ballerina, of course. She practices a lot for this, and you can see her spinning pirouettes in many episodes. We can not know for sure, but it is said that Lambie takes ballerina lessons from Doc’s doll named Bella. Bella the Ballerina, however, is seen breaking her leg in the episode Break Dancer. Once Dottie and her assistants heals her broken leg, Bella is ready to give some ballerina advice to Lambie. Will she become a ballerina one day?

Doc McStuffins TV show grows in popularity. Along with that, the characters of the show, the voice actors behind them and the whole McStuffins crew is becoming famous. That resulted in Lambie’s having her own DVD named Cuddle Me Lambie released in February 2015. Have you already got one? If no, than head straight to your local seller, buy one and add it to your collection of adventures. By doing so, you will bring Lambie’s voice, her pirouettes and especially hugs closer to you. Enjoy!

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