Meet Princess Amber of Enchancia

Princess Amber of Enchancia

When Sofia becomes a princess overnight, she meets a lot of new people. Some of them are happy to know her, some tend to act more sulky, maybe even envious. Yet Sofia doesn’t lose her faith in making new friends, and thus she meets Princess Amber, the daughter of King Roland the Second and James’s sister.

Now, try and think, what were your thoughts when you first met Princess Amber? Didn’t she seem arrogant to you? Wasn’t she really mean to Sofia? Especially when Sofia invites her friends from the village, Ruby, and Jade, at her first slumber party at the castle in the 2nd episode of the first season. As to her family, it may seem like Amber doesn’t quite enjoy her brother’s company, James. But that is, however, a big lie, my friend.

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Always care about the people close to her!

Princess Amber profoundly cares about both James and her father, King Roland. Her love and carefulness are shown throughout the seasons. When her family members are in danger, just like in the episode when the royal family visits the Kingdom of Wei-Ling, Amber is able to overcome all her flaws.

The second season brings a different perspective on Princess Amber. As the story progresses, she becomes more responsible, kind and warm towards Sofia. Although Amber is still likely to transform Sofia into a cat, which happened in the 8th episode of the second season, she tends to act more human-like than before. If you ever get to participate with Sofia and Amber at their trip to Wei-Ling, you will see that Amber definitely cares about her relatives, who got stuck in Jade Jaguars cave.

Play the games featuring Princess Amber

When it comes to the games that feature Princess Amber, we got all of them on our website already. The world of Sofia the First is an ongoing adventure. With its series still rolling and the characters still developing, Sofia’s world is a place worth exploring. You can do your little researches by playing the games we have collected so far.

If you really want a picture of Amber on your wall, why don’t sort some puzzles featuring her and then print it on a piece of paper? Just play the Princess Amber Puzzle game! Our games give you this opportunity so you can be sure Sofia is not the only princess you care about. If you have a taste in designing and drawing princesses, why don’t also try and paint Princess Amber’s clothes? You can do that in this Princess Amber coloring game! She usually wears her yellow gown, but you are free to make any changes you want on her outfit!

Knowing Princess Amber and making her your faithful friend is now easier than ever. All you have to do is to deeper explore Sofia the First TV series and try and perceive the best she has within her. If that is not enough, plunge yourself into those few games we have collected for you. Bring Princess Amber closer to you. Once you get to know her better, you will see that she isn’t so terrible like you thought of her at first sight. Indeed, she is a good friend to Sofia.

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