Meet Prince James of Enchancia

Prince James of Enchancia

Is there someone in the Palace of Enchancia more mischievous than Prince James? No one! When Sofia first meets him, unlike Princess Amber, Prince James gives Sofia a warm welcome. Next thing he does, he introduces Sofia to all his mischievous plans around the castle. Will Sofia follow Prince James on his adventures in the upcoming episodes? Read on to find out!

Apart from being mischievous, Prince James has excellent care for his parents – King Roland the Second and his new wife – Queen Miranda. But you don’t want to know about his relationship with his parents, don’t you? You will rather hear of James’s adventures! So, if you want to know more about James’s deeds, watch King for a Day episode. Boom goes the King!

When King Roland leaves the kingdom for a day, he bids James to Rule the Kingdom wisely, making him King for a day. Setting a new coat of arms, reading and then signing a massive pile of papers, and there is an ominous belief that deep within a faraway cave, there is a snoring giant that keeps the villagers up all night!

With all of that, being a king doesn’t seem as enjoyable as James thought at the beginning. Any solutions on how to solve all of that? Well, king for a day James has one – to organize a big party which noise will cover up giant’s snoring! And, as to increase the villagers’ joy, let Cedric cast the loudest fireworks in the whole Kingdom! That, however, ends up in a big mess for the people of Enchancia. All the racket and clamor wakes the giant baby up! Are you interested in how would Sofia, James, and Cedric the Sorcerer solve that kind of a mess? Go watch King for a Day episode if you haven’t already!

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Play the games featuring Prince James

On our website, however, there is a bigger fun that awaits you. We have brought you some entertaining games that feature Prince James. Don’t you want to know what is he about to do after he and Sofia defeat the baby giant? If yes, then follow our website!

The best way to interact with Prince James is to have a game of table tennis with him. You play as Sofia the First. Take the rocket in your hand and try to score as many points as you can on James’s side of the table!

If you are not much into playing tennis, you can spin Sofia around in Ballroom Waltz game. Practice some good moves and let them be the best dancers in the Palace! If you think that you had enough of practicing, try playing the Freestyle Mode in which you have absolute control over James’ moves while dancing!

There is always plenty to do with James. Find the hidden stars by staring in a special eyeglass, or help Sofia complete a puzzle of Prince James. As you follow our website, you will find more and more exciting stuff about Prince James and his friends. Discover them all, and don’t forget – being a King is not only about having fun!

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