The Toy Kingdom

The Toy Kingdom

Doc McStuffins clinic is the toy kingdom. Not a regular kingdom though, but a kingdom where each and every toy or stuffed animal comes to life. Thanks to her magical stethoscope, Dottie is able to make any toy come to life. Imagine you having such a stethoscope. Will you breathe life into your toy cars, helicopters and robots? Will you fix them, in case they have a problem, just like Dottie does? Sure you will. With the advice of such a good assistant as Hallie the pink hippo, you could create your own Doc McStuffins clinic! And because of that, the toy empire will expand.

As you know, Dottie’s clinic is a rather popular toys among the toys. Due to that, the Doc’s World enriches thanks to the ever coming patients, whom names Hallie and her friends carefully introduce into the Big Book of Boo Boos. Beyond the stuffed animals from Dottie’s yard, there are toys that travel a long path to reach the clinic. For example, Delloroto, one of the few Super Amazing Ultra Hoppers brothers is believed to trace his origins from Mexico! He comes to Doc’s clinic when he finds out that he couldn’t jump as high as his older brothers. Have you already heard his Mexican accent, calling Dottie Dottoressa? If you still haven’t, check out the episode called The Super Amazing Ultra Hoppers.

Other toys make their contribution to the kingdom by living near the clinic. Amongst those are Dottie’s best friends – Stuffy, Chilly, Hallie and Lambie. But there is so much more than only them! For instance, if you watched The Glider Brothers episode, you may be acquainted with Orville and Wilbur (a tribute to Wilder bros). They spend their time flying from one neighbourhood to the other. They reached the clinic accidentally. It happened when one of the brothers broke a rubber band from his propeller, when he was flying over the clinic. For a day, toy kingdom population grew with two toys more! Go watch the full episode, and then come back to this article.

Dottie’s friends come and go. Many of them bring their toys to play in Dottie’s yard. Thus, when Emmie brings her water new toy, Hazel, Doc finds out that Hazel has a wetting problem. Always ready to help and never secluding anyone out of the toy kingdom, Dottie promptly solves Hazel’s issue. See, the kingdom is indeed an ever-growing place! See its expanding in other episodes.

You also can have your own toy empire. It’s not that easy to do and it might take some time, but the help of Doc’s friends, you can transform your little closet into an apartment house for the toys you have. Bring the sick toys to your new place, and see what’s wrong with them. Doc will always be there to help you with an advice in time of need. Build your own, entertaining environment and keep its inhabitants safe and healthy. Good luck!

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