Big Book of Boo Boos

Big Book of Boo Boos

Have you already read the first part of our Big Book of Boo Boos? Well, if you still haven’t, Big Book of Boo Boos is journal kept by Hallie, Doc’s assistant, in which she writes the name and the disease of each patient that step inside Doc McStuffins clinic. Here we brought some of the most interesting cases in Doc McStuffins clinic’s history. Scroll the pages to know more about characters you knew, or even thought you knew. Discover new, interesting aspects of Doc’s episodes and be ready to learn new things. From toy Brontosaurus to police cars that are in duty to secure the clinic’s backyard, here you read about the most fantastic characters that Doc has met.

Did you know that Karate fighters usually have a pre-match check-up? Yes, they do! Dottie McStuffins herself said that! It happened when she met Sidney and Angus – two Kangaroos that practice Karate. When the fight is about to begin, Lambie notices that Angus feel a little bit nervous about the upcoming fight with Sidney. Sidney, on his side, is energetic and strong – a real Karate fighter, while Angus… he is just afraid. Poor, poor Angus. What would you do in his place? Would you conquer your fear, or what? Think about it and see what Doc suggested Angus to do about his fear of fighting. You will meet him in the episode Karate Kangaroo.

A very useful Journal

Toys and stuffed animals from all around the neighbourhood already know – if there is a problem, there’s nothing something what Doc can’t fix. But what happens when the Doc herself is also a patient? That is exactly what happens in the episode Run, Doc, Run. Dottie was practicing with Mr. McStuffins, hear dad, for an upcoming run. Unfortunately, she falls down while avoiding to step on a toy left on the sidewalk and sprains her ankle. Now, Dottie herself has to be introduced in the Big Book of Boo Boos. Her friends has to figure out what they can do about Doc’s ankle. Also, they got another patient – a fair unicorn who has a broken leg. What a coincidence, huh? Seems like it is going to be a busy day at Doc`s clinic.

Another interesting character that gets written down in the Big Book of Boo Boos is Melinda, the mermaid. Doc and her friends find her at the very bottom of a wading pool. Good luck mermaids can breath underwater. But even if it is well known that mermaids are supposed to be perfect swimmers, Melinda doesn’t seem to be any good at swimming at all. Go watch Get set to get wet episode to know more about Melinda’s case. If you want to help Melinda become a good swimmer, join Doc and her friends at the wading pool in Melinda’s making a Splash! Guide Melinda through the pool and collect all the stars that come in her way.

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