Total Drama Couples and the Teenage Relationships

Total Drama Couples

The Total Drama is an interesting animation show that has found favor in terms of viewership. It involves an adventurous retreat that has 22 teenagers on board. The test here is to see how well they can cope with hardships and compete in challenges. In the end, a grand prize of a hundred thousand dollars is given to the winning contestant. Elimination method is used to choose who stays and who goes home. It provides an exciting atmosphere that is also dramatic to some extent. More drama is experienced when they start coupling and having intimate relations. Fights and disagreements begin to rise. Also, dissenting feelings develop when either two boys fall for one girl or when two girls want one boy.

The Total Drama TV series is a show that effectively represents the deconstruction of teenage love. An important aspect is that most of these Total Drama couples were established in the very first episode of the show. Firstly, a perfect example is displayed by Duncan and Courtney, who are the most popular couple. At the beginning of the challenge when the hype was at its optimum, the two were always paired together. It is fascinating how the two became so popular that every occasion was a Duncan and Courtney moment. When the couple first kissed and assumed their romantic association, fans across the globe expressed their excitement. This shows how teenage relationships have been given attention and approval by society.

The “good girl – bad boy” kind of love

The “good girl – bad boy” type of association is what attracted admiration and support far and wide. Viewers were happy with the emotional bond that the two exhibited. However, not all emotional attractions yield positive results. In the case of Duncan and Courtney, their relationship is actually a deconstruction of the “good girl, bad boy” kind of relationship. Courtney, the good girl, is not that good. She is completely obnoxious through the series and ends up being a control freak. As the show continues, an intro video leaves her fans completely confused since her angelic character is taking a turn. Courtney controls Duncan on every detail of his life, and it is at this point that things start to get worse.

The second season of the series shows us how dysfunctional their relationship becomes. Both of them refuse to change and give each other a listening ear. In the mid-season, the two love-birds are fighting on who should keep a pet raccoon. Eventually, Duncan cheats on her. Knowing the history of the two, and their first love for each other, it is difficult to hear Courtney asking for a break-up. As a result, she becomes emotionally unstable, and Alejandro takes this opportunity to manipulate her. Also, she is blinded by the emotional breakdown that she believes Alejandro cares about her despite his closeness to Heather. Alejandro is an evil boy and doesn’t deserve Courtney.

Therefore, this shows that relationships are not easy to handle. Relationships are emotional stuff and should not be toyed around with. Neither Duncan nor Courtney had the maturity to handle teenage love and to understand that people are not always in control of how things run. The relationship had no avenues of development since it was mainly tethered around hostile sexual tension. With no desire for growth, it was expected that it will come to an end.

The innocent yet toxic relationships

Gwen and Trent started their relationship innocently. Trent is a nice guy who loves to play the guitar. He survives Heathers approaches and ends up with Gwen. The relationship between Duncan and Courtney even lasted longer, because sometime after starting dating, Gwen and Trent break up. Duncan takes up Gwen and starts dating her. The two exhibited a better combination compared to that with Courtney. However, it would not be a surprise if the two ended things. The Total Drama games also show the extents of teenage love. Total Drama twister kiss is a game that aims at helping Duncan and Gwen keep their relationship a secret from other members. A player starts kissing on the twister mat while ensuring no one catches them before the timer is out. Although secret affairs may ruin the chances of getting the prize, at the end only true love matters.

With Izzy and Owen, their relationship also came out of nowhere. The problem of dating Izzy was that she was not aware when reality begins and ends. The consequences of having Izzy as a girlfriend for a long time were not pleasant mainly because of her ignorance and morality. Their relationship also suddenly breaks after a short while.

The relationship between Harold and Leshawna is even more dramatic. During elimination, Harold declares his love for Leshawna through a very emotional setup, and Leshawna gladly accepts it. However, later in the show, Leshawna admits that it was the heat of the moment that made her make a quick decision. She breaks up with him and assures him that things may get better in the future.

The relationship between Geoff and Bridgette is also an unhealthy one. They were even referred to as the kissing machines. Heather and Alejandro cannot decide whether to support each other or not when money and fame are on the line.

Teenage Love Remedy

The Total Drama is infested by teenagers and drama. They engage in romantic relationships without minding the consequences involved. However, all this is part of growing up and sometimes growing up is unpleasant. It would be better if they had therapists to guide them through the journey. Importantly, as a protective measure from the damage involved with teenage relationships, parents should encourage their children to foster healthy boy-girl relationships without rushing to dating. Also, it is essential to emphasize the limits that are needed for a healthy boy-girl relationship. With the right information, teenagers will not mess themselves with teenage love. Importantly, teenagers should realize that true love waits.

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  • courtney and duncn were a good couple they just always used denial to hide what they truely felt about eachother inside

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