What are the most popular Total Drama Games?

  1. Oh No U Di'n't
  2. Drama Girl Maker
  3. Twister Kiss
  4. Total Drama Girls Dress Up
  5. Best Game Ever
  6. Dodge Brawl
  7. H-Bomb's Killah Beatz
  8. Toxic Targets
  9. Drop of Shame
  10. Freezer Burn

What are the best Total Drama Games to play on mobile devices?

  1. Oh No U Di'n't
  2. Drama Girl Maker
  3. Twister Kiss
  4. Total Drama Girls Dress Up
  5. H-Bomb's Killah Beatz

How to play Total Drama Games without Flash?

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Facts about the Total Drama Show

Total Drama is an animation reality tv show. It has got everything that you could wish for from such a programme. It first aired a long time ago, and since then there appeared lots of episodes and in fact, are still coming out. Because the public has been so entertained by it, that explains the development of Total Drama Games, featuring the same characters that also appeared at the TV.

At first, there was the Total Drama Island show. This series focused on the survival attempts of twenty-two teenagers striving to become more popular by appearing on tv. The whole thing happens on a secluded island named Wawanakwa. This place is filled up with wild animals, roaches and all types of bugs you can be afraid of and even a Sasquatchanakwa. Having such a challenging environment to live in, it makes the whole thing even more interesting, at least for those who only have to watch.

Even though the contestants were lied to, and told that they are going to live in a five-star resort, what they found there were cottages infected with cockroaches, dirty showers and toilets and the worst food you can get with pieces of nails and hairs in it and sometimes even worse. The conditions are harsh, but the prize is big. The contestant who resists to every challenge the host comes with, win the grand reward of one hundred thousand dollars.

All the contestants start out as teams, but as some of them end up being eliminated after some challenges, the teams get thinner and thinner. This is why in the end only one can go home with the big prize in their pocket. Every time somebody has to leave the competition, there is a whole ceremony for that. Before finding out who gets to go, they are told how they managed to finish the quest, well or badly. The loser has to leave the island on a boat in the same episode, sometimes the atmosphere becoming very dramatic.

See for yourself how complicated things can get while playing in the Total Drama Games. Even more drama was floating in the air because, in time, there ended up forming many couples, and wherever there is love, there is also jealousy, there are fights and many more chaotic feelings. Either two girls fell for the same guy, or maybe two guys were after the same girl. Things like this kept the people behind the screens, waiting with bated breath for the next episodes, to find out more about what is going to happen. If you are curious about this topic, here's where you can find more things about the Total Drama couples.

Meet the Total Drama Characters

Because it is built like a reality tv show, there are lots of different characters that appear over time. However, there is one of them who is constant. You guessed it right, we are talking about the host. His name is Chris McLean, a tall, handsome guy with black hair and, as he always notices, the whitest smile. With a tendency of being narcissistic al all times, he also becomes more and more sadistic as the series continue.

At first, the challenges were less life-threatening and painful. For instance, in the Paintball Six-Shooter Game, all that happened was to shoot at the contestants with harmless paintballs to win. Similarly,  in the  Blast the Cast game everything was happening in a video game, and nobody got hurt, just a little addicted to it. Later on, things suffered a cruel twist, and everything became more like a life and death challenge. It was not anymore just a simple competition with the goal of winning some money.

Take for example the Braaains! Game, where no less than a zombie apocalypse is going on, and you have to run away from them to a safe place before they transform you into their munchies!  Or try out the Flight Simmerator Game where you get to see for yourself what is like to be pilot, flying a not so stable plane and cooking burritos in a microwave at the same time!

Either way, Chris seems more interested in the show's ratings and how much money he gains after it, rather than being concerned about the contestant's safety or well being. This is why he takes pleasure in complicating their lives even more than they already are. He always looks forward to the next relationship to form, just to mess it up later on. Be it platonic friendship or love, he will do anything he is capable of to make the audience laugh or to be captivated.

The Total Drama Games capture the same atmosphere from the infamous island and bring it to you. Get to see for yourself what it is like to be one of the contestants and pass the same challenges they have to face in the show, but from the comfort of your home and computer. Have fun!

There are currently 32 free online Total Drama games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android and iOS phones. Here you can see the games 1 - 30.