My Gym Partner's a Monkey Games

Experience middle school adventures in the company of wild animals with My Gym Partner's a Monkey Games! Can you help Adam, a tween boy, fit in this jungle?

Become a student at Charles Darwin Middle School!

If middle school life seems like a raging jungle to you, then you should try My Gym Partner's a Monkey Games! Fitting in with your classmates and keeping up with the schedule can be difficult sometimes. Have you ever wondered what would happen if all your classmates and teachers were wild animals? Wonder no more! You'll experience the thrills of learning in a literal jungle by playing the challenges in this category!

Based on the usual experience of every tween in middle school, this creative animation series first aired on Cartoon Network in 2005. The out-of-the-box concept and light-hearted comedy turned it into an instant hit with older kids. That's because they could see themselves in the twelve-year-old protagonist of the series, Adam!

Through an unfortunate spelling mistake, Adam Lyon has ended up in the wrong school... the school for the wrong species! On his first day at Charles Darwin Middle School, our protagonist realizes that his classmates are wild animals, such as lions, sharks, and zebras. What is more, the principle is a frog! Therefore, Adam will have to evolve and adapt if he wants to survive in middle school!

Friends will help you survive in this jungle!

Adam is an average tween boy with ginger hair and freckles. Before arriving at Charles Darwin Middle School, our hero used to live the average life of a twelve-year-old. However, since he arrived at his new school, he has had to adapt to a very different place, the animal world. 

Yet, he still keeps in touch with some of his friends from his old school. In the beginning, all his peers at Charles Darwin treat him differently because he is a human. Even his best friend makes fun of him sometimes, like in the Front Page Nuisance game!

As the series' name suggests, Jake Spidermonkey is Adam's first and best friend at school. The two become close after being paired up in gym class. Despite the monkey's loud and obnoxious personality, he and Adam become unlikely best friends.

Nevertheless, this doesn't stop the monkey from acting foolishly, destroying school property, or getting in conflicts with his peers. To find out more, join the primate on one of his most mischievous pranks against Rick Platypus in the Lighten Up game!

Another important figure is Lupe Toucan. It's hard to miss her, thanks to her big beak and loud voice! You won't be surprised that this bird's personality fits her appearance. Namely, she is sassy, self-absorbed, and materialistic! Doesn't she remind you of the most popular girl in your class?

You should also know that not every classmate will like you! For instance, Bull Sharkowski, with his sharp teeth and intimidating looks, represents the student at the top of the food chain. Therefore, it's easy to imagine why everybody fears him, including Adam and his group of friends. Help them win against the shark in a classic competition in the gym with the Chaos Tag game!

School is a blast with My Gym Partner's a Monkey Games!

Most kids think that school can be tedious. However, there's excitement behind every corner when you study in a place like Charles Darwin Middle School. The unsafe environment of a jungle provides a unique background for all sorts of unexpected adventures.

For instance, even grabbing lunch with your friends in the cafeteria will test your ability to adapt and think on your feet. If you want to see for yourself, explore the entire school and meet your colleagues in the Hall of the Wild game!

Surprisingly, Adam also finds out throughout the series that humans have a lot to learn from animals. Despite their rude manners and strange habits, they are much better than people in many ways.

For instance, each species has a unique set of talents and skills. Instead of being ashamed, the animal students embrace what makes them different. You should spend some time with Adam and his classmates to do the same!

Besides being funny and inspiring, My Gym Partner's a Monkey Games can also help you improve your skills! You'll surely pick up something new with so many activities to try in this unusual middle school. Wouldn't you like to become as agile as a monkey or ingenious as a phyton? The games in this category will give you the chance to do it!

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