Clarence Games

He is short, a little overweight, and has two polar opposites friends, with whom he goes on endless adventures in their daily lives. Play Clarence Games to find out more about the new kid in Aberdale!

Find out Clarence's story

What happens after you move out of your natal town into another one that is completely new? At first, you do not know anybody, your friends are not there anymore to play with, you do not have any places to go, and everything is gloomier than ever. It is hard to take everything up from the start, to make new friends and to go to a new school, but in the end, everything gets better. This is what happens to Clarence too.

Who is Clarence, you ask? He is a nine-year-old boy that has recently come to Aberdale with his mother Mary, and her boyfriend Chad. Together they make a family that might not look like a usual one, but in Clarence's heart, everything is clear. Thanks to his very supportive mother and his friendly stepdad, he can go ahead and see the world with great courage because he knows that each time he returns home, he will find lots of love there, no matter what happens.

The place he moved into is full of new kinds of every kind, from squares that know only to obey every rule and to keep their clothes clean, to bullies that couldn't lay a hand on you and adventure addicts that would willingly take part in any crazy idea that somebody comes up with. Such diversity will create lots of opportunities for having fun outside their homes as well as inside. Never ending conflicts between the two sides will always bring a smile to your face.

The tv show follows their daily lives adventures that sometimes take very unexpected turns into good or bad. Here they come across unseen challenges as well as things that everybody experiences while they are kids. From racing on sky-high slopes in Reckless Ramps Game, where they set up dangerous obstacles, just to have fun, to Arm Shirt Juggle Game where they simply play with a ball, but in a very unexpected way, kids here know how to have fun together. Join them in their adventures and play Clarence Games. Find out what are they planning to do today and see whether you are up for a challenge that involves your brain as well as your adventure call in a game such as Awesomest Battle in History Game, where you have to think your next moves strategically in order to conquer the neighborhood.

Meet Clarence Characters

There are quite a few characters in this show, and that not only makes it very interesting because there is always something new to find out, but it also means that there are lots of new friends to meet and to get to know. The more you will play in the Clarence Games category, the more you will find out about them. Let us meet the trio that is the center of the show.

Everything revolves around Jeff, Sumo and, of course, Clarence. Jeffrey Randell, Jeff for short, is the second best friend of our show star. Just the same as the looks of his head, he is more the square type of character. He is rather the smarter one in the trio, and he is the one who comes up with the most logical solution to the problems that other caused. Jeff always tries to prevent the other two from doing something that they might regret later on or to make sure that his friends are not going on the bad road to something foolish. Despite being against most things, he likes taking part in their plans and adventures and gets sad whenever they ignore him.

The other third of the trio is Sumo. He is fearless, unpredictable and often the one who is ready to do any crazy thing without considering it twice. He is the one who would accept any challenge at any given time even Clarence's Amazing Day Out Game, where you have to pass so many different rounds of different games in such a short time! He is the polar opposite of Jeff, and most of the time is responsible for dragging the other two into problems.

Last, but not least, is the glue that sticks those two, totally different characters, together. Clarence is the new kid that is at all times optimistic, kind-hearted, and ready to help anyone regardless of anything. He always wishes for the best in everyone and likes adventure. His qualities pop out the best in Clarence Saves the Day Game, where he ends up helping the whole neighborhood in an attempt of buying his mother a birthday present. He is very smart and always figures it up when he needs to apologize for his mistakes, and even the bully likes him!

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