Scared Silly

Play the Clarence: Scared Silly game and help Jeff escape from Clarence's horror house! Fight all the monsters and find the missing parts of the map!

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If you are a fan of adventures and puzzles, you shouldn't miss the Scared Silly game. Imagine that you are in a haunted house full of scary things and monsters that want to scare you to death. Anyone would prefer to avoid a nightmare like this, for sure. However, poor Jeff didn't have many options this time.

He got himself trapped in Clarence's spooky house and now can't find his way back, no matter what he does. He will definitely need someone's help; otherwise, he will be stuck there for a long time. Do you have what it takes to help him find the exit as soon as possible?

How to Play

You can control Jeff's moves using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Explore together the hidden hallways and whenever you see a ghost or a monster, challenge him with the sword.

When a ghost is around, it will be surrounded by red X-s. The X means that you cannot step on that tile because the spirit will catch you. You will have to jump on some other tiles to unlock secret ways. The level ends when you find a piece of the map that gets you out.

It is essential not to get caught because you will have to start the level again from the beginning. Watch out for every supernatural thing, like moving hands, moving pumpkins, and many others.

The most important thing is to be brave enough to fight the monsters that want to scare you. Once you pass through them, everything will be easier. Once you manage to find all the missing map pieces, you will find the exit, and Jeff will be safe.

Whatever happens, do not give up on your purpose. Good luck!