What are the most popular Nick Jr. Games?

  1. Good Hair Day
  2. Nick Jr.: Music Maker
  3. Nick Jr.: Sticker Pictures
  4. Wubbzy's Amazing Adventure
  5. Nick Jr.: Coloring Book
  6. La Casa de Dora
  7. Nick Jr. Take Care of Baby
  8. Bubble Guppies Halloween Party
  9. Umi City: Mighty Missions
  10. Food Truck Festival

What are the best Nick Jr. Games to play on mobile devices?

  1. Good Hair Day
  2. Nick Jr.: Music Maker
  3. Nick Jr.: Sticker Pictures
  4. Nick Jr.: Coloring Book
  5. La Casa de Dora

Grow, learn, and play!

Experience plenty of adventures featuring legendary heroes while playing the Nick Jr. Games! From kids to adults, everybody has heard about Nickelodeon. After all, it's a world-famous children's TV channel. However, did you know that it also featured a special time slot for press toddlers?

Since 1988 the channel has broadcasted shows made especially for preschool kids every morning. While their older brothers and sisters were in school, the youngsters could play, sing, dance, and learn in the company of beloved characters. It's a brilliant idea!

The morning cartoons on Nickelodeon were organized as a block called Nick Junior. Does the name ring a bell? Given the major success of this idea, the producers came up with something even better. In 2009, Nickelodeon Jr. became its channel, featuring only cartoons for kids under six. Finally, the youngest watchers can enjoy shows made just for them all day long!

Naturally, Nick Jr. doesn't stop at TV shows! You can now enjoy the memorable characters and colorful realms in the form of books, toys, and, of course, computer games.

What sets Nick Jr. apart is that they combine fun and education with a wild imagination. Every teacher and parent knows that kids under six are usually very energetic and find it hard to stand still.

However, Nick Jr Games find a way to catch their attention with colorful and silly heroes, funky music, and a lot of dancing! While they're having all this fun, the young ones will learn new stuff without even trying. Jump in this realm of make-believe, and you'll be charmed too!

Rejoin old friends and meet new ones!

We can't talk about Nick Jr.'s heroes without mentioning some of its old-time stars. Believe it or not, some of the heroes in this category are over 20 years old! What makes them loved by so many generations of kids? We think it's a mix of many things.

The veterans of Nick Jr. have a simple design, funny voices, and a creative idea behind them. Another thing they all share is interaction. These heroes will talk to you directly and ask for ideas and suggestions while you adventure together. Try the Dora the Explorer Games or Blue's Clues Games! Both let you experience the vintage Nick Jr. experience!

However, this category features new and modern animations as well! Nowadays, computer-generated characters in bright colors are all the rage. The new Nick Jr. heroes are strange mixes between aliens, animals, and kids. They live in fascinating colorful environments filled with interesting objects. Most of the time, you'll even explore many places at once in just an episode or game!

As a result, the new protagonists will surely light up your imagination! Even more, the new tech allows them to take you on unique adventures you could never experience in real life. Check out The Backyardigans Games to meet the new stars of Nick Jr.!

Nick Jr. Games is the smart place to play!

Learning and playing go hand in hand, especially for young kids! Luckily for parents and teachers, the games in this category help kids discover the world around them and prepare them for life.

In the company of colorful Nick friends, children can become familiar with the atmosphere, people, and objects found in many day-to-day places. After playing with them, they'll be much more confident in daily life! For instance, they can go to kindergarten in the company of many and see how fun it can be with the Bubble Guppies Games!

Even boring or difficult subjects can become exciting adventures. Usually, kids have a hard time studying basic math or a new language. However, the games in this category change that entirely! Thanks to the smart and funny heroes, learning is child's play.

Our beloved Nick characters will cheer on and offer helpful tips to any kid that needs it. Still not convinced? Try the Team Umizoomi Games to study shapes, adding, and subtracting while also having a blast!

Music and dance will join you every step of the way! Your talented pals from Nick Jr. can liven up any quest or activity with a good tune. Join in to discover new types of music or develop your natural talent!

All in all, Nick Jr. Games are the perfect chance to learn and play! While studying, you'll also hang out with your favorite pals. They can become role models for any curious kid looking to become better and have fun! Stop hesitating and explore a category where fun never seems to end!

There are currently 387 free online Nick Jr. games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android and iOS phones. Here you can see the games 1 - 30.