Sportacus Hero Training

Enter the LazyTown hero's airship in the Sportacus Hero Training game to clear many tasks. Look around and stay active to win many sports candies!

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About Sportacus Hero Training Game

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Have you ever wondered what you can find around Sportacus' airship? Well, in the Sportacus Hero Training game, you will get a full tour! On top of that, you will get to complete many challenges he prepared for you! However, some will require you to get up and move, so be sure to stretch first!

Your job is to go around the airship and explore all its features to grab many sports candy stickers. Also, you can train alongside Sportacus by completing his challenges. Let's get you warmed up and see if you can keep up with this action!

How to Play

To navigate through Sportacus' airship, you only need to use your mouse! However, there will be some challenges where you can use your webcam to complete them. Don't worry, though! You can do just fine without it. Your only worry should be to stay active and have fun doing it!

The first things you should check are Sportacus' activities prepared for you:

 - Action Challenge: Hit the colored circles based on Sportacus' instructions.

 - Hero Challenge: Stand up and try some of Sportacus' favorite moves.

For each cleared challenge, you will get a sports candy sticker to store in your backpack. If you want more, you will only have to get moving again!

There are many other features you can check out on Sportacus' aircraft. For example, you can help Stephanie make super smoothies for her friends around town, play with the sports equipment, and even drive the ship! Also, you can change the color of your backpack to give it a bit of personality!

Are you ready to enter Sportacus' ship and see if you can complete all activities and win all the sports candies? Don't forget to warm up, and let's get started to see how energetic you are!