LazyTown: Get Up and Move

Try the Get Up and Move game to dance alongside Sportacus, Stephanie, and Robbie Rotten. Combine their dynamic moves and see if you can recreate them all!

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Get ready to exercise alongside the heroes of LazyTown in the Get Up and Move game! Sportacus, Stephanie, and even the lazy Robbie Rotten are here to show off their moves and see if you can keep up with them. Do you think you're up for this sporty challenge?

Your job is to choose a partner and follow their moves! Be careful, though! Without a good warm-up first, you might have some trouble, so be sure you're all set before you start the fun! Let's get you to meet the characters and start this party!

How to Play

To navigate the game's features, you only need your mouse! But before you get into the action, you should choose what difficulty to play on. Doing this will influence how many moves you will have to do. Pick carefully! You might want to start with the easy one if you're not as experienced or warmed up.

Now that you're all set, you should pick your partner. Each character has different moves you will have to perform. For example, Stephanie does loads of Sidekicks, Step Touches, and even The Twist. At the same time, Sportacus loves Jump Splits, Jumping Jacks, or Jumping Tucks. Even Robbie Rotten has some dancing moves that need good coordination to master!

After you place all the moves in whatever order you like, it's time to pick a song. You have three choices, and one is Stephanie's favorite, Bing Bang! Once you have your pick, you only have to practice your dance to be sure everything is on point, then get up and move!

Are you ready to create a dance with Sportacus, Stephanie, and Robbie Rotten? Let's quickly warm up and get this party started!