Wonder Pets: Save the Day

It's time to rescue the lost animals in the Wonder Pets: Save the Day game! Do you have what it takes to overcome all the obstacles and help your friends?

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About Wonder Pets: Save the Day Game

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Did you always want to join the Wonder Pets team? If so, now is your chance to do this in the Wonder Pets: Save the Day game! The phone is ringing again, which means an animal is in trouble. Will you join Ming-Ming, Turtle Tuck, and Linn and begin your rescue mission together? 

To complete the challenge, you have to save all three animals: a baby penguin, a dolphin, and a pigeon. To get to each one, you'll have to use the Flyboat to swim across the water and fly through the sky.

The road ahead might seem dangerous, but this is nothing for a real superhero! Are you confident you can help the Wonder Pets finish this mission?

How to Play

The controls here are very straightforward because you only need your mouse. To help your friends get dressed, just click on an accessory, then tap on a character to put it on. After that, you can drive the Flyboat by repeatedly clicking on the screen. Sounds easy as pie, right?

Can you find the three lost animals and help the Wonder Pets team save them all? If so, help your buddies get dressed, then pick the first target you want to rescue. Go after the baby penguin, help the dolphin caught in a net, then follow the pigeon stuck at the top of a statue. There's no time to lose, so let's get going!

To build your vehicle, you must find the three missing pieces: the sail, wheel and mask. The items are hidden in plain sight, so you must carefully check the area around you and find them. After that, just put together the parts, and your ride will be good to go! 

Remember to watch out for obstacles and try not to run into them! If you hit any objects ahead, you'll bounce back and have to try again. This is why you have to time your moves carefully. Just wait for the road to be clear, and you'll arrive at your destination safely!

Well, are you ready to become part of the Wonder Pets team? If so, join your friends on their rescue mission and help them save all the lost animals!