Save the Sea Creatures

Embark on a thrilling adventure with the Wonder Pets in the Save the Sea Creatures game! Collect underwater treasures and rescue the trapped baby animals!

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About Save the Sea Creatures Game

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Don't miss out on the Save the Sea Creatures game if you love animals, music, and the underwater world! The amazing team of cuddly friends called the Wonder Pets have invited you to join them on a thrilling adventure.

Are you brave enough to explore the underwater world alongside Linny, Ming-Ming, and Tuck? Jump inside their submarine and help them fulfill their mission to save all sorts of animals from dangerous situations!

The game consists of three fun rescue missions. Unfortunately, three baby animals are stuck in underwater plants and need the Wonder Pets. Naturally, your job is to join the team in their rescue mission under the waves.

We hope you love music, as the entire adventure takes the form of a fun song. Enjoy the underwater race and jam to the tunes that accompany you along the way!

How to play the game

Don't worry! You don't need to know how to pilot a submarine to ace this game! Actually, the commands are very straightforward. The vehicle will move automatically from left to right on the screen. To move up and down, you have to use the two arrows on the left side. Click on either of them at the right moment to gather treasures, avoid obstacles, and reach your destination!

You'll get to meet many underwater animals on this journey! You should try your best not to disturb the wildlife consisting of corals, sea urchins, and schools of fish. If you bump into them, they'll slow down the submarine. Yikes!

Above all, you should avoid bothering the wale as she is eating her salad! Otherwise, she will swallow you and the entire Wonder Pets crew. To get out, you'll have to tickle her in the right places. Click on the areas indicated on the screen to make the whale laugh and get out!

What else you should know

Don't miss out on the many goodies and treasures under the sea! Whenever you see pearls, seaweed salad, or other goodies for the fish, you should grab them immediately for extra points. How many can you gather?

Once you have reached your destination, there' one job left to do. You have to help the animal get out of the plant by tapping the various regions shown on the screen. Do it to the song's rhythm in the background to be faster and have even more fun!

Congratulations, you've managed to save all three baby animals! You can celebrate by singing yet another fun song with all the animals under the sea. Besides, you can also check out your final score at this point. Therefore, you can play many times, trying to beat your last record!