What are the most popular HTML5 Games?

  1. Hello Kitty: Restaurant
  2. Create your own Web Warrior
  3. Hello Kitty: Jumper
  4. Hello Kitty: Xmas Dinner
  5. Good Hair Day
  6. Nick Jr.: Music Maker
  7. Nick Jr.: Sticker Pictures
  8. Hello Kitty Adventure
  9. Nick Jr.: Coloring Book
  10. Ultimate Hero Clash 2

What are the best HTML5 Games to play on mobile devices?

  1. Create your own Web Warrior
  2. Hello Kitty: Jumper
  3. Hello Kitty: Xmas Dinner
  4. Good Hair Day
  5. Nick Jr.: Music Maker

Why we love HTML5 Games

Throughout the past few years, gaming technology evolved quite a lot, and nowadays we have HTML5 games. And "what is so much different?" you may ask. Well, the most noticeable difference is that now you can play all these games on almost any device, be it a mobile phone or a tablet. This one is big! If before, for playing a game, a laptop or PC was required, now you can enjoy a great variety of games at the comfort of your mobile device! In other words, if you are in the mood for playing a game, you can do that even while waiting for the bus, for instance. So cool!

Getting a glance at the HTML5 games featured on our website, you will undoubtedly find something you like. For instance, one quite a popular game suitable for all ages is Disney: Drop Zone. You have to choose a Disney show and start making combos of at least three items, then watch them pop. Fill up the star meter to activate more minigames!

If you are a fan of adventure games, then you might try one such as Gravity Falls: Take Back the Falls game. Dipper and Mabel's city is in danger! Move around and kick enemies until you manage to defeat all the evil mutant minions! Another great action game is Ben 10: Power Surge. Play the game and help Ben 10 and his aliens with his attempt to get his uncles RV, Rustbucket, back from the villain Billy Billions! Following the same trend, you might also want to try Teen Titans Go: Tower Lockdown game. Help Robin get inside the locked tower. Use the arrow keys to move and collect the keys to open doors until you reach the top of the tower.

For all Disney TV Series followers, such as Sofia the First or Doc McStuffins, there's something for you too! Play A Day at Royal Prep game and get to study Enchanted Science, Enchanted Art and other magical subjects along with Sofia the First and her friends! Or play Doc's World Game and find out all you need to know about founding your clinic for toys and stuffed animals! Just rely on Dottie's experience! If you are a fan of Descendants, then you should play Isle of the Lost Rush game. Run at high speed while avoiding all the obstacles! Complete the tasks in each level and don't forget to collect the coins!

Last, but not least, let's not forget about some other great HTML5 games inspired by famous TV Series, such as My Little Pony or Tom and Jerry! For instance, play Guardians of Harmony game and put your agility to the test! Join Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie in the adventure of a lifetime! Or play Don't Make a Mess game, and help Tom save all the food! Jerry will throw food at Tom and using the left and right arrow keys, move Tom with a pillow through the kitchen.

Have fun!

There are currently 1823 free online HTML5 games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android and iOS phones. Here you can see the games 1 - 30.