Burrito Blitz

🌯 Help Batgirl whip up delicious burritos and tacos for hungry customers in the Burrito Blitz game! 🌮 Can you keep up with the lunchtime rush?

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Get ready to roll up your sleeves and put on your chef hat with the DC Super Hero Girls: Burrito Blitz game! Barbara Gordon, also known as Babs, is running her own burrito stand, and she needs your help to satisfy hungry customers. With a menu full of delicious tacos and burritos, can you keep up with the lunch rush and become the "Employee of the Night"?

Your mission is to quickly assemble each customer's order exactly how they want it. Can you choose the right ingredients and get those burritos and tacos out the door before the customers lose their patience?

How to Play

You'll use your mouse or fingers to click or tap on the ingredients and build the perfect burrito or taco. With four plates available, you can work on multiple orders at once. But be quick! Each customer has a timer, and if it runs out, they'll leave hungry.

The customers will tell you exactly what they want in a thought bubble. Look carefully at the ingredients in their order and stack them up on the plate in the correct sequence. Remember, every detail matters, from the type of tortilla to the toppings!

As you progress through the game, the orders will become more complex, and the time limit will shrink. Keep a close eye on the customer's mood meter. If they get too impatient, you'll lose them! Lose three customers, and it's game over.

Strategies and Tips
- Remember, toppings are always added in a counter-clockwise order!
- Use multiple plates to work on multiple orders at once.
- Keep an eye on the order – even the white sauce can be tricky to spot!

Think you have what it takes to run a bustling burrito stand? Step up to the counter and prove your culinary skills! It's time to make Batgirl proud and become the "Employee of the Night."