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Give the Rescue Mission game a try if you want to accompany Spider-Man in one of his most challenging adventures yet! Pass all the levels to find Jameson!

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Play the Rescue Mission game to become part of one of Spider-Man's most important missions! J. Jonah Jameson is the editor in chief of one of the newspaper called the Daily Bugle. Did you know that this publication runs a smear campaign against our beloved red and blue superhero? Thankfully, Peter Parker doesn't hold any grudges against Jameson, and he is even ready to risk his life to rescue him! Can you believe that?

I hope you are ready for a challenging mission! Jameson has been kidnapped, and the media is trying to involve Spider-Man in this nasty deed. The brave superhero is trying to rescue him! He has tracked down his location to an old warehouse, but he still doesn't know which villain is involved. Could it by Hydro-Man, Rhino, or Sandman? There's only one way to find out! 

Take on the role of Spider-Man and start swinging! 

The game consists of eight exciting stages, which will keep you on the edge of your seat. Your mission is to find the exit of each awesome platformer level before the time runs out. Sounds easy at first, but you will soon find that many enemies and obstacles are standing between you and the kidnapped editor. Do you think you are brave and swift enough to accomplish this daunting task? 

Luckily for you, this game features three different difficulty levels. Would you rather take on an Easy, Medium, or Hard mission? You have the opportunity to choose whichever fits your skill or mood best! 

Time to start shooting the web! Thankfully, the gameplay is straightforward and intuitive. Move Spidey left and right by pressing the Left and Right arrow keys on your keyboard. With just a single tap of the Up arrow key, you can jump. Shooting web is just as simple! Just press the Space Bar once. Easy as pie! 

What is more, you can even use certain key combinations to perform more complex moves. For instance, you can shoot up a web by pressing the Up arrow key and the Space Bar consequently. You can even swing on the web if you manage to find a swing point. Pretty cool, right?

Improve your game to accomplish your mission! 

Throughout your mission, you will face many dangerous enemies. Naturally, defeating them will require a specific set of skills! Are you ready to face Dr. Ock's armored brute, Rhino? What about Hydro-Man, whose shape-shifting powers allow him to cause tidal waves, and even tsunamis? You surely must have heard about Sandman, who can mold his arms into dangerous weapons, such as a mace or a sledgehammer. Now you have the chance to confront them head-on!

A neat trick that can significantly improve your score is the bonus system. As you sneak past enemies, you will encounter web shields, which will grant you some notable advantages! Can you believe that you will receive 1000 extra points and an additional five seconds on the clock? 

The key to this exciting adventure game is stealth! The easiest way to get through each level and find the exit is to sneak past as many foes as you can. Remember that the web shooter will only stun your enemy for a while, so move fast!

Are you lost? The intricate backgrounds and dynamic levels can make you feel quite confused. Thankfully, you can follow the arrows whenever you have no idea where to head. However, don't forget to explore hidden areas to collect bonuses if you have time! 

Get ready for a rescue mission like no other, accompanied by Spider-Man! This brave hero will never stop in his quest for justice, and neither can you! Do you think you have what it takes to rescue J. Jonah Jameson? You will need to put your best foot forward to win!