Green Goblin Havoc

Play the Green Goblin Havoc game and face one of Spider-Man's most feared enemies! Do you have what it takes to dodge Green Goblin's attacks?

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With the Green Goblin Havoc game, you get the chance to play the role of Spider-Man in an extremely tricky situation! This time, our favorite red-and-blue superhero has gotten himself into quite a pickle. Can you believe that he has been ambushed by one of his most unhinged enemies? Can you guess who he is?

I can give you a few clues: he is green, extremely menacing, and loves flying around while throwing bats and jack-o'-lanterns. Yeah, that's right! I am talking about Norman Osborn, who embodies the menacing Green Goblin.

I'm sure you've heard about this Halloween-themed villain and his dangerous antics. Are you brave enough to face him? Spidey needs your help to dodge this green monster's powerful attacks!

Be fast on your feet to win this confrontation!

The game consists of a single, very intense round of fighting. However, you shouldn't get into this game with the impression that it's going to be easy as pie! Your reflexes, agility, and ability to think on your feet will be put through a thorough test. Your goal is to dodge as many Green Goblin's missiles as you can. Can you hang on for two full minutes without losing all of your health points?

It's time to learn how to play! The gameplay is so smooth and flexible that I'm sure you'll get the hang of it in just a few seconds. All you need to do to move Spider-Man is to press the Left, Right, Up, and Down arrow keys on your keyboard. 

But wait, there's an even easier way to do this! You can also control your hero by using your mouse. Simply click and drag your mouse towards the desired location. Remember that Spidey can only move horizontally or vertically, and not diagonally! 

Tips and tricks that will help you win every time!

This exciting game has a simple concept behind it. However, you'll soon find that winning is harder than it might first seem! Can you hold out Goblin's menacing blows for two full minutes? These tips and tricks will help you to succeed.

To begin with, you should note that the game board consists of six different places that Spidey can sit on, three on each side of the screen. When Goblin plans on hitting a specific location, a target will appear. 

Pay close attention to the color of the target! Green targets are still safe to stand on, while red ones will be immediately hit with one of Green Goblin's Tech Spheres. Therefore, you should be cautious when Spider-Man is standing on a green target. Also, you should move immediately when the color switches to red! 

Are you low on health? Don't worry! Some bonuses can help you replenish the valuable health points you have just lost. Make sure you lookout for the Spider-Man icons! They can be hard to spot, especially when a target is right on top of it! 

Are you ready to give this thrilling challenge a try? It's a simple and fun way to improve your reflexes while hanging out with one of the coolest superheroes. Join Spider-Man and help him face Green Goblin!