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About Monsters Under Midtown Game

Become Spider-Man and fight evil aliens with the Monsters Under Midtown game! Every true Spider-Man fan knows that Peter Parker didn't ask to become a superhero! This young man has become infected with the venom of a radioactive spider by accident. With great power comes great responsibility, so it's only natural that Peter Parker sometimes makes mistakes.

This time, the result of the mishap is a bit more severe than Spider-Man has expected! He has opened a portal between galaxies, and now strange creatures are coming through and endangering Earth. Now you have to help young Peter Parker repair his blunder and manually close the portal. Are you brave enough to lend him a hand? 

Learn how to shoot web and get in on the fun!

The game consists of an exciting run through the sewage system underneath the city. The pace is extremely intense, and the enemies keep coming. So you'd better learn the controls fast if you want to get through the game and complete your mission! 

Luckily, the controls are typical for this sort of game. I bet you'll get the hang of them in no time! Spider-Man swings by using his legendary web. From there, just click the left button of your mouse to shoot at enemies. Make sure you don't let any of them escape! The game ends when you miss five or more enemies. Easy as pie, right?

However, you will soon find that merely shooting at monsters will not get you very far! Press the Space-Bar or click the arrows on the screen to adjust the height of your web. This feature will come in handy when you are faced with obstacles, as well as when flying enemies appear. Are your reflexes good enough for this game?

How can you check on incoming enemies? Well, that's easy! At the top of the screen, you have a Radar that you can check at any time. It will show you the location of any incoming threats. Isn't it a handy feature? 

Upgrades and bonuses will drastically improve your score!

You'll soon find that practice is vital when it comes to this game! There are some useful power-ups in the game, and one of the essential ones is the web fluid refill. Checking the level and picking up as many of the Web Fluid tokens as you can prove to be extremely useful.

Don't forget that you need it to move, as well as shoot at enemies! The game ends whenever your web liquid or your health runs out. 

At the end of each level, you will obtain your final score. One of the coolest features of this game is the fact that you can trade points for power-ups. These will undoubtedly help you get through rockier parts of the mission. Therefore, earn as many points as you can and make your decision! Would you rather have a larger web fluid meter, spawn more web refills, or increase your web's hit area to include more enemies? It's up to you!

What is more, you get to experiment with new webs! What about the Portal Web, which will send your enemies back to the planet they came from? You can also go for the Magnetic Web, which will capture more enemies with just one shot! What about a Freeze Web that channels the powers of ice to stop your enemies dead in their tracks? The world is your oyster when it comes to this exciting game!

Game Details and Stats

Monsters Under Midtown is an excellent Spider-Man game that you can play on NuMuKi for free. It has been added to our website on Thursday, October 31, 2019. The game has been played 1212 times so far and has received a rating of 87 / 100 from a total of 63 user votes, 55 likes and 8 dislikes. Monsters Under Midtown uses Flash technology to be compatible with most browsers. The game window resolution has been optimized for best visual performance, having the width of 750px and the height of 500px. If you enjoy playing Monsters Under Midtown, you might be excited finding out that there are 19 more Spider-Man games you can try! The most popular is The Battle Within and the most recently added is Masked Missions

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