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Play Spider-Man: Rescue Mary Jane game, and lend Peter Parker a much-needed helping hand with a critical mission! Get ready for a race against the clock!

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Any Spider-Man fan should give the Rescue Mary Jane game a try! It will take you on an exciting race that will keep you on the edge of your seat! But what could be so important? Peter Parker's crush, the fiery red-head called Mary Jane Watson, has been captured by Venom! You are the only person who can help Spidey reach the girl in time!

However, I hope you know who you are going up against! Venom is one of Spider-Man's most dangerous enemies. This alien being can only survive if it bonds to another living creature, like a parasite. Yikes! You can only imagine what will happen to Mary Jane if you arrive late. What are you waiting for? Let's get started!

Can you navigate the city like a pro?

The game consists of three dynamic levels, which will undoubtedly keep you on your toes. Your mission is to overcome any obstacles and leap past menacing foes in your way to Mary Jane!

The most challenging aspect of this game is the fact that you are up against the clock! You only have two minutes to reach the end of the level. There is no time to get into any fights, so your best bet is to time your jumps carefully and tries to get past them unscratched. Do you think you are up for this challenge?

Thankfully, the simple and intuitive gameplay will have you swinging around in no time! Use the Left and Right arrow keys to move Spidey in the respective direction. Now it's time to find the web and jump on it! To do so, press the Space-Bar at the right moment. You can even climb up and down your web by pressing the Up and Down arrow keys. Swinging from one web to another has never been easier!

Become a pro by following a few simple tips!

Even if it might seem pretty complicated at first, I am sure you will be swinging around like a true professional after a bit of practice. One of the best features of this game is the fact that there is no health bar. So what's the good news? This means that if you get defeated, you can start over right where you messed up. Pretty cool, right? However, you shouldn't forget about the time constraints!

Now that you know that you can practice as much as you want, it's time to perfect your jumping skills. A helpful tip is to pay close attention to your initial position before swinging from one web to another. The lower you are on the web, the longer the leap. Similarly, the higher you are, the shorter your jump will be. Got it, right?

Congratulations, you have managed to rescue Peter's crush from Venom's filthy web! Your final score will take the number of attempts and falls for every level. I am sure Mary Jane will be forever grateful to you and Spider-Man!