Stark Tower Defense

Do not let the villains invade the city in the Stark Tower Defense game. Strategically place superhero towers to attack all the enemies that go past them!

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Oh no! The town is under attack in the Stark Tower Defense game. The Marvel superheroes have no other choice but to do their best to stop the villains from conquering their headquarters. The Stark Tower is the only thing keeping them close, so they have to defend it at any price.

There are various defenses you can opt for when protecting the city. Each one is based on one hero's superpower. It is on you to be the strategical mastermind behind the defense line. Without your bird's eye view of the problem, these superheroes will be lost!

How to Play

It has never been easier tool wise to deal with the defense of a whole city before. The only thing you will use is your mouse. With it, you have to select the tower you want to buy and place it somewhere on the top of a building. 

As mentioned before, all these defense towers are themed based on a superhero. For example, there is one featuring Thor, and its superpower is to throw lightning bolts at the enemy. Another option would be the Iron Man tower, which launches rockets at anyone who gets too close. There are many to choose from, each having slightly different features. 

These differences lay in their range, the damage they can cause, and the attack speed. Naturally, the better the performance of the tower, the more expensive it gets. That should not worry you too much, though. That is because each time an enemy is taken down, you will be rewarded with money. That will enable you to buy even more defenses!

There's more you should know!

You have to make the best out of the weapons you purchase. You should try to think well before placing anything. Once you build the tower somewhere, it cannot be moved to a better place. The only solution for getting rid of it is to sell it. Unfortunately, that is not a great idea either. That's because the selling price sounds more like a joke. In other words, you get back a minimum amount for all the hard work!

When looking for the perfect spot, you have to take into consideration several things. First of all, think about the range. You should look for a little square that gives you access to more than one street on the map. That way, enemies coming from both directions will get damage. 

Here is a good tip for you! Your first aim should be to give as much damage as possible. Build strong towers and upgrade them. After that, work on slowing down the enemy. The Spiderman tower is incredibly useful for that since it throws webs!