Can a costume make you a hero?

Any fan of action-packed superhero adventures must try the Iron Man Games! Given the recent success of this Marvel series, it's hard to believe that Iron Man first appeared in a comic in 1963. In fact, creators Stan Lee and Larry Lieber only gave the red-and-yellow its own series five years later. However, fans of all ages fell in love with the unusual hero! As a result, new games, movies, and merch come out year after year, featuring the charming hero's stories. 

What people love about the series is that it's relatable! Usually, the protagonists of superhero movies have inhuman powers. They might be a gift from the Gods, the result of an accident, or be granted by aliens. However, things aren't the same for Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man. Unlike other superheroes, he has earned every one of his powers by inventing them. In a life-and-death situation, he uses his brains to build a costume that saves his life. How impressive! 

What would you do if you had a suit that made you invincible? Would you use your powers for yourself? Luckily, Tony Stark chose to improve his invention and use it to enforce justice both in New York City and worldwide. However, handling all these powers is hard! If you follow him on his adventures, you're in for a ton of excitement!

Meet our hero, his allies, and his foes!

As you've probably figured out by now, Tony Stark is the central figure of this series. From the beginning, he is remarkable, thanks to his status as a genius inventor and CEO of Stark Industries. Even before becoming a superhero, he was known for his money and influence. As you can imagine, this can be both a pro and a setback. 

As much as Stark is famous for being a tech genius, his immorality and ego are also legendary. In other words, before becoming Iron Man, he used to be powerful yet unlikeable.

However, Stark starts to change after assuming the superhero's identity and devoting his life to the fight against evil. Each successful mission and confrontation teaches him how to control his impulses and think of those around him. At the same time, he also has to improve his teamwork skills.

Soon, Tony discovers that even with his new powers, he can't fight evil single-handedly. Therefore, he becomes one of the founding heroes of The Avengers, a team of superheroes. Can he put his ego aside and work alongside Hulk, Captain America, and Thor?

Even if Iron Man is very wealthy and tech-savvy, so are his foes! Our hero takes on some fierce baddies in his adventures. For instance, Mandarin is a millionaire genius who uses the powers of alien technology. Did you know that he's also a master of martial arts? That makes him much tougher to defeat!

Ultron is another supervillain that Iron Man will need to take down in his conquest. Ironically, this baddie is a sentient robot powered by artificial intelligence. It will take all of Tony's knowledge to take him down!

Train for your final mission with Iron Man Games!

According to Tony Stark's story, the first step to becoming a superhero is creating your own suit. With the help of modern tech and ingeniosity, you could build your own. However, before you can get there, it's best to use the challenges in this category to practice your design abilities. Besides, looks are important too! So you can start thinking of a design to frighten your enemies in the Create your own Iron Man Suit game!

Once you have your costume, it's time to learn how to use it. Flying, shooting, jumping, and enhanced vision are just a few of the suit's features. Can you master them all? It takes quick reflexes and agility to use the costume to the max. If you still need some practice, embark on one of Stark's adventures like the LEGO Marvel The Avengers: Iron Man game.

Lastly, tech or skill alone can't take out a dangerous foe. However, if you use both, you stand a chance! After all, Tony Stark is just a regular man forced to face aliens, gods, and mutants. Therefore, he'll have to use his brains and ingenuity to win against them. Prove you have them by helping him win an impossible fight like the one in the Rise of Ultron game!

All in all, Iron Man Games are bound to suck you in! You have a lot to learn from the main hero's journey to becoming a force of good. Besides, since Tony Stark is so rich and funny, you'll have a ton of fun fighting by his side!

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