LEGO Marvel The Avengers: Iron Man

Try the LEGO Marvel The Avengers: Iron Man game to save Earth from Loki's invasion. Use Tony Stark's super suit to smash Loki's army and grab his Tesseract!

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About LEGO Marvel The Avengers: Iron Man Game

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Here's what happened in the LEGO Marvel The Avengers: Iron Man game. Loki brought an army of aliens to conquer Earth with the Tesseract by his side. However, the world's protectors will not let him win without a fight! Tony Stark is leading the air combat, and he needs your help to destroy all the enemies!

You should fly alongside Iron Man to destroy all the alien ships and reach Loki! However, the creatures will protect their master at all costs, and you should not underestimate them! Will you get through them all and defeat Loki?

How to Play

Fighting against intergalactic creatures is no easy task, so you should first learn the controls before jumping into the action! Here is everything you should know: 

 - Left and Right arrow keys: Move around.

 - Up arrow key: Jump.

 - Spacebar: Attack.

 - Hold Spacebar: Use the mega blaster.

Your weapon will be Iron Man's blasters, so the best approach is to fight from a distance. Doing this increases your chance of safety in battle because you have time to anticipate your enemies' attacks!

Besides the alien ships, you should also mind the dangerous storms. On your way, you will see clouds with green lightning that will hurt you if you touch them. If you get too many hits, Iron Man's energy levels will decrease and affect your overall performance! However, you can build up a combo if you take down aliens without getting hit to achieve a high score!

Before you reach Loki's location and defeat him, you should look around for the red lego pieces and pick them all up. This way, you can build up some points even though you don't take down any aliens. So, try not to miss out on them!

Are you ready to join Iron Man in his battle and defeat Loki? Let's see how many alien ships you will bring down before you get your hands on the Tesseract!