Iron Man: Rise of Ultron

Help Tony Stark take down his evil creation in the Iron Man: Rise of Ultron game! Follow the villain and stay out of the targets to avoid the missiles!

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About Iron Man: Rise of Ultron Game

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    800 x 565
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Ultron is back, and you have to put an end to his evil plan in the Iron Man: Rise of Ultron game! Tony Stark's creation has turned against the Avengers, and he must be stopped. If you're a fan of these superheroes, you're in luck! Now you get to be just like them and use your powers to defeat the villain. 

The evil robot is aiming to take down Iron Man before he can reach him! This is why you will have to assist the hero, help him avoid the missiles, and make sure he doesn't get hit by them. To stay safe, watch out for the target and run away before it gets red! Are you confident you can complete this mission successfully?

How to Play

Now is your chance to assist Iron Man with his challenge! Luckily, to use all his gadgets, you only need your keyboard. Press the Up, Down, Left, and Right arrows to move in each direction and escape the villain's attacks. Just keep your eyes on the targets and make sure to stay out of their way! 

To reach the end of this mission and defeat Ultron, you must keep avoiding the missiles for two minutes. As you get closer to the end of the challenge, the targets will turn red even quicker! This is why you must always pay attention to the screen and move away as fast as possible! Quick reflexes and good hand-eye coordination are essential here, so make sure to practice your skills!

Each time you get hit, Iron Man will become weaker. Make sure not to run out of health, or you will have to restart the game from the beginning! If your bar gets too low and you need a boost, you should look for the colorful icons that appear on the screen. Do your best to pick them up quickly enough, and you will earn back some of your health. 

Time is ticking, and there are no seconds to waste! You must take Ultron offline, so join Iron Man and help him defeat the villain!