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Join your favorite Marvel heroes as they team up to fight evil in the Avengers Assemble: Combined Strike game! Can you discover all the combos?

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Get ready for incredible superhero adventures with the Avengers Assemble: Combined Strike game!  Nick Fury released a cry for help once more, after some very concerning new. Can you believe that Red Skull has a very mysterious and powerful ally? I'm talking about the menacing vampire king, Dracula! The commander of the Avengers team has ordered every member to help in this international adventure. Will they manage to work together and defeat all the enemies? That depends solely on you!

Your journey starts in Manhattan, where you can practice your battle skills accompanied by Iron Man. However, as the levels progress, more heroes will come to your rescue. It's up to you to make up compatible teams and help the Avengers succeed in this challenging mission! 

Learn how to master the skills of your heroes!

The game consists of six exciting missions that will take you all over the world. However, the first level is actually a practice round, where you get the chance to get accustomed to the controls. Take out Red Skull's agents while patrolling Manhattan's streets with one of the most impressive superheroes, Iron Man! The goal of each mission is to kill as many enemies as you can while gathering currency and upgrades for your characters. Keep an eye on your team's health status unless you want to start over the entire mission!

The controls of the game are incredibly simple. All you need to do is move your team on the screen, as the Avengers will shoot automatically if they are in front of an enemy long enough. However, don't underestimate the difficulty of this game, as it will definitely test your agility! A very cool feature is the fact that you can choose if you control your characters using the mouse or the arrows of your keyboard.

The key of a successful round is timing your moves carefully. Wait until two or more foes line up and then stand in front of them to get them at the same time. What is more, you can even hit targets while flying if you move at the right moment! This strategy allows you to collect extra currency and lives. Maybe you can also get all the character upgrades from the first try!

Build and improve your dream team!

As you very well know by now, the Avengers are a force to be reckoned with thanks to their great powers and ability to work as a team. However, some heroes are better together than others! Step into the Armory to try out different combinations between your favorite characters! Did you know that playing in a team of three allows you to use a special power-up, activated by the press of the space key? Create different combinations to enjoy all the cool options!

Watch the Marvel heroes grow stronger under your command! There are two ways to improve the abilities of the characters in your team. Collect as much currency as you can during your mission to upgrade the health bar, speed, and strength of your characters in the Armory, after you have reached the end of the level. Also, make sure you collect special power-ups in your way. They will make enemies easier to defeat immediately!

Step in this world of lasers,  robots, and menacing enemies! Do you want to fight Dracula and his army of zombies, vampires, and banshees? Then stop hesitating and join in on the fun with this fantastic game!