Thor: Frost Giant Frenzy

Have hours of superhero fun with the Thor: Frost Giant Frenzy game! Can you use Mjolnir to take down all the frozen tires and earn a new high score?

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About Thor: Frost Giant Frenzy Game

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Play the Thor: Frost Giant Frenzy game if you want a chance to play around with Mjolnir, Thor's magical hammer! Have you ever wanted to experience the powers of Thor, the mighty son of Odin? Now you can lend him a helping hand as he faces one of his biggest enemies, the Frost Giant. It will be a grueling battle, but with some fast reflexes, you can defeat him. Aren't you excited to try?

Can you move fast enough in this terrifying frozen land? The Frost Giant is trying to trap you between some massive blocks of ice. Use Thor's powerful hammer to crush them! You should move left and right swiftly and bounce Mjolnir around without dropping it. Once you clear up the board, you'll move on to the next level and come one step closer to defeating your enemy. How impressive!

How to Play

The game consists of multiple levels of increasing difficulty, which will put your agility to the test. Thor only has three hammers to spare, so make sure you use them carefully. As long as you still have at least one, you will advance further within the game. Be careful! As soon as you lose all three, you need to start from the beginning. Isn't that a bummer?

Let's start playing! To control brave Norse hero, you need to use the Left and Right arrow keys. Alternatively, you can also move your cursor towards either direction. Next, it's time to launch your weapon! All you need to do is click anywhere on the screen. You should keep a close eye on Mjolnir. Whatever you do, you mustn't let it fall!

Extras are one of the most helpful features of this game. Have you noticed the hammer symbols that fall from the sky every once in a while? They will appear at the beginning of each level, as well as randomly throughout the game. Can you pick them up? The icons will give you one more chance at beating the game. 

Get ready for a fun adventure with Thor, one of the most impressive Marvel heroes! How many ice blocks can you smash before you run out of hammers? Keep practicing to get on the high score list!